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Ella Renée Fresh 48

Now that sweet Ella has made it earthside safe and sound, we are excited to share her precious Fresh 48 session. For so many reasons, Ella has stolen all our hearts! I could tangibly feel the peace she has already brought to her family! I cannot wait to see what all this little girl will do in her life.

Do you want to capture that sacred time with your new little angel, but you’re a bit nervous? Don’t be!

Fresh 48 Fresh 48Here’s my tips:

1. Declutter
Ask your partner to declutter your hospital room before or as your photographer arrives to the hospital. Put away any extra phone chords, food, dirty linens, etc! Clutter in the background of your images can distract for the subject – that sweet babe and your beautiful family!

2. Take a minute to freshen up
If you’re able and up for it, take a shower! If not, freshen up your hair, put some lip gloss on, and change into a cute pair of comfy jammies. This will help you feel so much better and picture ready!

Fresh 48

3. Invite big brothers and sisters to join in the session
If your new love bug has any big brothers or sister, invite them to come be a part of your Fresh 48 session! Those sweet new sibling interactions are worth capturing (even if it can feel a bit chaotic).

4. Do not worry about perfection
The lighting, angles, and poses are our job! As your photographer, I want to provide you with a beautiful gallery of moments I hope you never forget. Babies are unpredictable, and that’s okay! Is baby sad? No big deal! Does baby need to eat? Feed them! You just birthed a baby – it’s okay to be tired and sore! You are beautiful, and so is that angel baby!

Fresh 48

Fresh 48 sessions are some of our favorites! These once in a lifetime moments and precious interactions can be a reminder of the love and joy that your family experienced in those early days with your new baby.

December 11, 2023

Abi Kennard

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