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Fall Extended Family Photos in Salt Lake

Fall Extended Family Photos in Salt Lake | Jordan Pines with the Sieverts Family

Autumn in Salt Lake City is simply beautiful! It’s truly the perfect backdrop for capturing timeless family moments. As a local Salt Lake family photographer, I know just how precious these memories are and how to capture them in the most beautiful way. As the leaves turn to golden hues and the crisp air sets in, it’s an ideal time to gather your loved ones for fall extended family photos in Salt Lake.

Fall Extended Family Photos in Salt Lake Fall Extended Family Photos in Salt Lake

I had the absolute pleasure of working with the Sieverts Family this past fall, and I’m still gushing over how stunning their extended family photos were! Nana opted to bring her family to the beautiful Jordan Pines! How cute are all these grand babies and grown up kids?!

One of the most critical decisions that I will help you make is choosing the right location for your Salt Lake City family photoshoot. Salt Lake City is home to a wide range of outdoor spaces that are picture-perfect in fall! You can opt for a setting that resonates with your family—whether it’s surrounded by urban architecture or nestled in nature’s beauty.

Fall Extended Family Photos in Salt Lake

Tips for a Successful Fall Family Photo Session

  1. Timing is Everything: Schedule your photo session during the “golden hour”—the hour after sunrise or before sunset—when the lighting is soft and flattering.
  1. Coordinated Outfits: Choose autumn-inspired clothing that complements the colors of the season without exactly matching. This ensures your photos will look cohesive without appearing uniform.
  2. Be Natural: The best photos often come from candid moments. A great Salt Lake family photographer will guide your family into natural interactions that capture genuine emotion and connection.
  3. Get Comfortable: Make sure everyone is comfortable, both in their attire and with the photographer. Comfort translates into relaxed body language and better photos.
  4. Have Fun: The whole point of a family photo session is to capture the joy and love within your family. Play, laugh, and enjoy the moment.

Fall Extended Family Photos in Salt Lake Fall Extended Family Photos in Salt Lake

Whether it’s for a special occasion, an annual tradition, or a spontaneous decision to celebrate family togetherness, fall is a brilliant time for family photography in Salt Lake. Don’t miss out on the chance to build your family legacy within the canvas of autumn’s beauty!

Are you ready to create beautiful fall family memories? Reach out to our Salt lake family photographer today and book a session to capture the beauty of this season with those you love most!

May 13, 2024

Abi Kennard

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