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Family Photography Experience from Start to Finish

The Sneaker family

About EIGHT years ago I took pictures for the sneaker family when their first little boy turned one! I got to take their pictures again this fall. They have added 3 more cute kids to their family! The kids were adorable and their personalities were so cute! I love family photography and getting to see these cute families grow.

Family Photography Experience

Today I wanted to talk about the process of a family session & the family photography experience now that I work for Kylee Ann Studios!

If you’re wanting to inquire for a family shoot with me, you can inquire at this link here

I offer full one hour sessions and mini sessions that are thirty minutes! You can add yourself to our email list so that you don’t miss out on mini session dates!

When you inquire about a family session, you will be asked a few questions. Questions like, “what type of session would you like and further information that is helpful for us to find out how we can best serve you!

Family Photography Experience Family Photography Experience

After you send the initial email, the Kylee Ann Team will reply back with a proposal that includes the contract and payment info. You will digitally sign the contract and can start your payment plan! The system is easy to use and helps us keep all of your information organized!

After you sign the contract and make your initial payment, I will start emailing you and we will start planning where and when we will take your family pictures. I will send over all of the good tips and tricks for a successful family photography session.

We will meet up at the location at the date and time of your session, the second most fun part of your experience! We will get started taking family photographs right away! Typically I start with the pictures of the family all together. Next we usually do siblings together. It can vary with the family dynamics you have and if it is an extended family session. We get pictures of all of the couples together, the individuals, and any other fun shots you would like, such as mom and the girls, dad and the girls, just the girl or boy children, etc.

We will move around the location for different backgrounds and settings. We will capture posed photographs and more candid photos, too! It is very important to me that everyone is comfortable, happy and having fun!

Family Photography Experience

I have lots of tricks up my sleeves to keep kids happy and grumpy dads having fun.

After your session, your images will be delivered to you! That is THE BEST PART of your photography experience in my opinion! It is always so fun to see the finished product! We have an incredibly fast turn around time when it comes to delivering photos, which I  love!

You will get your photos delivered via a PASS gallery link. This is an online service that will host your photos. You can share this link with family and friends and download the photos onto any device! You can also favorite the images so that you can have a little section with all of your favorite photos. There is the option to print your photos right from the gallery!

We love it when you leave a review after a session with us! We LOVE and adore our clients and appreciate it so much when you share your experience with others and help our business grow!

I also love keeping in touch with my clients on Instagram or Facebook so be sure to add my by going to this link!

I love seeing your favorite photos that you post and seeing your tags!

I just want to end by saying how grateful I am for my clients and all they do for me! I really love you all.

January 13, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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