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Fun Family Photos in Davis County | Erickson Family

Fun Family Photos in Davis County | Erickson Family

Family photo sessions can often evoke mixed emotions. While the end result – your beautiful gallery – is undoubtedly worthwhile, the process of getting there can sometimes feel daunting. Coordinating schedules, choosing outfits, and ensuring everyone is in a good mood can be challenging tasks. However, with the right approach, a family photo session can be an enjoyable! These fun family photos in Davis County were a blast.

Fun Family Photos in Davis County Fun Family Photos in Davis County Fun Family Photos in Davis County

I met wonderful Andrea when she stopped by my husbands office to introduce herself to their team of real estate agents. She mentioned that she was looking for a family photographer, and I am so glad we were able to get her family scheduled for a mini session in Davis County before the weather turned colder. She has the cutest gang of little boys!

Here are some tips on how to have fun during a family photo session:

  1. Choose the Right Photographer: Finding a photographer who understands your family dynamic and makes everyone feel comfortable and at ease is crucial. Look for someone with experience in family photography and whose style aligns with your vision. A photographer who knows how to capture candid moments and genuine interactions will help create a relaxed atmosphere during the session.
  2. Plan Ahead: Preparation is key to a successful photo session. Coordinate outfits in advance, keeping in mind the location and theme of the shoot. Encourage family members to choose clothing that reflects their personalities while ensuring that colors and patterns complement each other. I always recommend that you have your outfits ironed, hung together, and ready the day before your session!

    Fun Family Photos in Davis County

  3. Choose the Right Location: As photographers, we have many locations that we love! They are easily accessible, have dreamy light, and are the perfect backdrop to your family photos. Need suggestions? We are more than happy to help!
  4. Embrace Spontaneity: Don’t be afraid to go with the flow and embrace spontaneity! Some of the best photos capture candid moments and genuine emotions. Allow your family members to interact naturally, laugh, and play together while the photographer captures those precious moments.
    Fun Family Photos in Davis County
  5. Keep it Light and Positive: Maintain a positive and upbeat attitude throughout the photo session. As your photographer, I encourage laughter, joke around, and want you to focus enjoying the moment with your loved ones. A relaxed and happy atmosphere will translate into beautiful photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.
  6. Reward Everyone: Plan a fun activity or treat for after the photo session! Whether it’s going out for ice cream or watching a movie together, having something to look forward to can motivate family members to participate enthusiastically during the session. Especially those tiny ones!

March 29, 2024

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