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Garden City Photographer | Extended Family Session | Cox Family

Garden City Photographer | Extended Family Session | Cox Family

It was such a treat to be a Garden City Photographer for the Cox Family! I have been so lucky to photograph so many extended families this summer. My family all lives in Utah and we can hardly get together. I am so amazed by these families that are living all around the U.S. and their ability to plan a family vacation together. My advice to every family is that it only gets harder as people get older so make it a priority now. Family is everything. I can look back at these pictures and remember the feeling of playfulness during the session. I hope my clients can do the same.

Erin, the mother to everyone, was so flexible the entire shoot. It was a little bit windy, but that’s to be expected with Bear Lake. There isn’t really anywhere you can go to hide form the wind. If it’s windy on one side of the lake then it’s windy on the other side of the lake. They didn’t even complain about the wind, and I think it makes the summer pictures at the lake that much cuter.

Erin just wanted family pictures that captured her family exactly as they were. The grandkids were a little too small to get a picture with just grandkids and we opted for a picture with grandparents instead. Even with the grandparents, they hardly had enough hands to hold all the grand kids. These cousins are going to cherish their summer vacations together. I got to grow up with 3 cousins that were my exact same age and they were my best friends growing up.

One of my favorite moments during the session was taking a picture of one of the grandkids. I was trying to get him to hold his head up straight instead of tilting it to the side, but every time I got him to smile, his head tilted to the side. It was the cutest thing and we just let him do it because it captured him in that moment. I loved how darling he was trying to pose for pictures.

October 4, 2019

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