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Tri Cities Wedding Photographer | Halli & Ethan

Tri Cities Wedding Photographer | Halli & Ethan

I pulled off the interstate onto a two-lane road that went as far as I could see. At first all I could see was what looked like a bunch of storage sheds. Maci told me I’d be coming through the city, and this looked nothing like a big city to me. But as I drove the storage sheds turned into fields of every vegetable you could think of. I actually don’t know what was planted in the fields, other than the fields of corn! I could tell what the fields of corn looked like. As soon as I saw the massive fields and got stuck behind a tractor I knew I was headed in the right direction for the Whitby Farm.

Halli my sweet bride, is the younger sister of one of my best friends, Maci. When Maci recommended me to Halli she told me it was going to be a three day event but she wanted me to bring Mina so we could both see what the farm was like.

I was driving along on this road that hard farms on both sides and I just started imagining what it was like growing up in a farming community. I pictured the games they would play, and the people they went to school with. You can say I was smitten from the second I got there.

I usually get to the reception early to take pictures of the decorations before guests arrive, but I’ve never stayed with my brides family. I got to see all the effort that went into turning that front yard into a wedding. They started as soon as the sun came up, putting up tables and chairs. Halli’s brothers jumped off the tractors and stopped bailing hay just 15 minutes before guests arrived. There was a moment during the wedding when I was photographing guests in line and Halli’s mom, Kim said “I’ll see you on Wednesday to slaughter the chickens right??”. It was a wedding like no other, and now I’m dreaming about moving to be a Tri Cities wedding photographer!

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October 3, 2019

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