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Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera | Family Reunion Photographer

Getting comfortable in front of the camera

Getting comfortable in front of the camera takes practice! Some people are more interested in being photographed than others and for some people it comes more naturally. If you find your self feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, I have some ideas that can help!

Practice poses in the mirror before your shoot

This post is going to be directed at women although there are some poses that look best for men too!

If you would like to look slimmer in photos, I recommend popping your front leg and putting your weight on your back leg. Tipping in toward the camera instead of away from the camera will help you appear slimmer as well. I know it feels funny, but it photographs best! Don’t be afraid to move around while you are getting your picture taken. Photographers can click the button during your movement when your body appears most natural and flattering. Doing different things with your arms and turning your body in different ways helps your photo look more natural and less posed. Walking towards the camera also shows off you best curves and features and makes for great photos!

Practice positive self talk

If you are constantly talking negatively about yourself before your session, you might just attract a negative experience! Hype yourself up, tell yourself you are going to do great and you might just have a great experience! You are beautiful and loved and worthy of being photographed just as you are.

Try to relax

You can pick out someone who is uncomfortable in photos by the look on their face and the tension in their shoulders. As you are getting your photo taken, try to relax your shoulders and face and show true joy. Sometimes a joyous face can feel forced, but a happy face looks better than a forced smile! Your photographer can help you relax and feel happy during your session. Choosing a photographer you are comfortable with is HUGE when it comes to relaxing and feeling comfortable in front of the camera.

Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Look at photos that you like and share the with your photographer 

I am all about seeing inspiration pictures before a session. It is nice to see what look the client is going for and what speaks to them. Some people love candid photos and some people love posed photos. Look at pictures you like and take note of the little details like how the person is posing, what expression they are making and what sort of emotions you feel when looking at the photo.

Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Practice your picture smile

We all have a few different smiles! I often practice my picture smile while my husband is driving me in the car. The photos I love the most are usually of my most happy, laughing smile and I am grateful when the photographer can pull that out of me!

Wear clothing that you are used to and that you like yourself in

Buying something new for pictures is fun but it could be a disaster if you hate how you look in it! When I am shopping for family picture outfits, I like to find styles that I know I like wearing. Buy something that fits you well and is flattering for your body type or even pick out one of your favorite things from your closet and wear that for your family photos!

Getting Comfortable in Front of the Camera

I hope these tips are helpful for helping you feel more confident in front of the camera! I know they seem silly, but a little preparation goes a long way!

July 29, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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