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How to Photograph a Wedding at the Logan LDS Temple

Nestled in front of the mountains in Cache Valley stands one of the most beautiful landmarks of Utah and one of the oldest LDS Temples in the world. The dark, rough-hewn limestone is unique to this temple. Every year, hundreds of weddings take place at this venue. Learning to photograph weddings at the Logan LDS temple will serve you well as a photographer!

Logan LDS Temple


There are there separate parking lots for this temple as well as street parking. Each parking lot is 3 mins or less walking distance from the entrance. The main parking lot to the south of the temple often fills up first, so the next best option is the parking lot lower to the west or the separate parking lot kitty corner to the north east. The entrance is on the North East

Also note that the temple is closed on Monday’s as well as the ground’s gates. There is no access for sessions inside the gates.


Because photography is not permitted inside the temple, getting images of the couple exiting the temple becomes one of the main shots of the day, (similar to the first kiss in a traditional ceremony). The Logan Temple has completely separate door for brides and grooms to exit from. It is located between the main building of the temple and the actual entrance.  kitty corner from the north east corner of the Temple. Inside the door is a small room for photographers to wait inside for their couples. The windows are tinted but aren’t totally one way windows so people on the outside can see in through the windows.

There is a water fountain inside this small room and a worker where you can check how much longer until your couple will be ready. Remember again that this room is part of the temple and should be entered with reverence and respect as well. You are not permitted to go down the stairs without a Temple recommend. Be sure to avoid sitting on the benches closest to the door otherwise you will be in other couple’s exit shots when the door opens.


Logan LDS Temple


  1. The steps in front of the temple

There are 3 steps in front of the temple right near the bride and groom exit. This spot is great for the big group pictures. It’s easy to get the family spaced out so everyone is clearly in view. There is even a spot in the flower bed for the photographer to stand on to get the entire group in the shot.

Typically, we do the large group shots here as quick as possible and then move into a shaded, more private area.

2. The steps in the back of the temple

When the steps in the front are full or in full sun, we do the exact same thing but in the back of the temple. There are two steps in the back that make group pictures easy. You can stack the big group photos while getting everyone’s faces in view. No stools or squatting required.

3. The shade in front of the doorways (in front or back)

There is shade right in front (or back) of the temple in front of the doorways. For really small groups and pairs, its cute to photograph inside the doors. For bigger groups, we center them between the two doorways.

4. Shade under the big tree on the East side of the temple

There is also great shade under the big tree in front of the temple. Its a great view of the temple behind them

5. The gate in front of the fountain and the fountain

This is a gorgeous shot of the entire temple. A must for every bride and groom.

6. The bench in the back of Logan LDS temple

This is the most classic Logan Temple shot. Its gorgeous in every season. And a definitely must. After we have them dip on the bench, we usually walk across the grass in front of the bench with the temple in the background.

Logan LDS Temple

You really cannot go wrong with the Logan LDS Temple. There are so many gorgeous angles and views.

January 23, 2023

Kylee Ann Team

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