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How to Take the Perfect White Background Photos of Bags

Are you a photographer or small business owner looking to take professional white background photos of bags? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through 7 easy steps to help you take the perfect white background photos of bags. We’ll cover how to choose the right lighting, stuff your bags for optimal posing, capture detail shots, edit your photos, and more!

Photos of Bags

1. Lighting – When taking white background photos of bags, it is important to use good lighting. This will ensure that your pictures look professional and well-lit without too much glare or shadows. Natural light is usually your best bet as it is less harsh than artificial light and can help create a softer shadow on your bag photos. Additionally, consider using a light box or reflector to help add dimension and depth to your shot.

 2. Stuffing The Bags – Stuffed bags are easier to pose than empty ones because they hold their shape better. If possible, stuff each bag with paper or fabric until it looks full enough for the photo shoot. Depending on the size and style of the bag, you may want to consider adding other props like books or accessories such as jewelry boxes inside each bag as well.  You can use bubble wrap to stuff the bags as well.

Photos of Bags

 3. Detail Shots – Don’t forget about detail shots! This type of photography focuses on specific areas like pockets, zippers, straps etc., allowing people who view them online a closer look at what they would be buying should they purchase that bag from you. Try taking multiple angles and perspectives when shooting detail shots so that customers can get an idea for how certain elements look from different angles as well as up close.

 4. Editing – After taking all of your photos and uploading them onto your computer for editing, don’t forget about color correction! This will ensure that colors in each photo appear true-to-life and consistent with one another when displayed together in an online gallery or store page (think Amazon). Additionally, consider playing around with brightness/contrast levels if needed in order to make sure that all whites in each shot appear uniform across all images taken for this particular project.

Photos of Bags

5. Posing The Bags – To create interesting poses with each bag photo session (think mannequin styling), try experimenting with unique angles such as shooting from above or below while playing around with different props such as hats or scarves draped over handles etc., which can help bring life into each shot by making it feel more natural instead of stiffly posed photographs taken directly against a wall/background setup in studio space etc.,

Photos of Bags

6. Angles – Be sure to experiment with multiple angles when taking white background photos of bags including front/back views and side profiles etc., Think about where people will be looking at these images once they are uploaded online i.e., straight on from top down? Or maybe from an angle slightly tilted towards left/right? Taking different angle shots allows customers viewing these images online to get a better understanding of what exactly they would be purchasing should they decide to buy said product from you!    

7. Gear – Last but not least—the gear! While you don’t need an extensive collection of lenses and cameras in order to take good photographs, having a few key pieces can certainly make life easier when taking white background photos of bags (or anything else for that matter!). For example; A tripod helps keep shots steady while also allowing photographers flexibility when shooting since it holds camera equipment still even if the photographer needs both hands free during shoot etc.. Additionally, think about investing in lights (LEDs are popular) which can help brighten up dark spaces particularly during winter months where natural light isn’t always available due daylight hours being shorter…

Photos of Bags
Photos of Bags

Taking white background photos of bags doesn’t have to be complicated or hard—all it takes is some planning ahead coupled with good lighting equipment (natural/artificial) plus experimentation while shooting different angles & perspectives which then leads into proper editing within software programs like Photoshop before finally uploading onto platform via web hosting service provider like Squarespace etc.. With little time & effort put into creating quality imagery representing products & services being sold online; businesses have the potential opportunity to increase sales exponentially thus creating a successful customer base easily accessible over the internet! So don’t wait any longer—get out there & start snapping away today! Who knows where the journey may lead… Good luck!

August 23, 2023

Nicole Erickson

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