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I’m Not a Photographer but OPB Membership WORKED for me!

guest post by Talesha Carter

I’m Talesha, and I have owned my business Foster Vitality for four years. I help women to dig through their anxiety, family stress, childhood pain and emotional burdens so that they may experience safety in their relationships and confidence in themselves. When I first started I never envisioned this business growing to the scale it has.

One of the very first marketing courses I took was Kylee’s Complete Marketing Course for photographers and creatives. The value and knowledge I gained in this course set my business up for success in those earlier years. I gained confidence in my business that allowed me to continue growing and marketing on social media.

As my business began to grow, I realized I needed more help in expanding and taking on contractors to help lesson my work load and reach more people who need my services. Up until this year I had been a one woman show. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and my health was deteriorating. I needed a change but didn’t know how to do it. I was desperate to learn how to expand my business, how to set up workflow systems, and how to grow my audience.

I was at a crossroads. I felt like I had to choose to play in the big leagues or settle for mediocrity in my business. To me mediocrity just wasn’t a fulfilling option. I chose business growth. That is when Kylee’s OPB membership opened its doors to me. As soon as she opened it I knew it was the answer to my prayers of learning how to grow.

I’m a visual person. I need to see how things work. This course offered that ability to me, all at my own pace. I love to dive in, take in all the material I can, and then go back and fine tune what was covered. I have access to a private Facebook group that has been good for me as I make the material fit for my business. I love that this course offers a community. In entrepreneurship community is everything!

My business was in desperate need of organization and I loved being able to take the Blog and Website marketing along with Left Brain Photographer. Learning how to set up systems that work for me in a SIMPLE way has propelled my business. And it can propel yours too. I see many service based businesses struggling to grow because they don’t know how to market themselves and what tools are available to them. It’s one of the reason many of us burn out. We think we have to handle the scheduling, marketing, writing, posting, website development etc. all on our own. OPB membership is incredible!

If your service based business needs a boost, I highly recommend diving in 100% and applying the backend systems. It will give you peace of mind, growth and free up your schedule to give you time for what you love, you CLIENTS!

With love, Talesha of Foster Vitality

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June 12, 2019

Kylee Maughan

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