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Kara and Jarom | KAPbyRachel

It was the day after Valentine’s Day and Kara knew he was going to propose. It was their 6 month anniversary of dating, so it was pretty obvious and perfect it would be February 15th. He planned to take her to SLC for the evening so she was pretty excited to get the night rolling. Jarom accidentally forgot his beanie at their church building, so they stopped by to grab it. Once they got there, Kara’s paranoia spiked thinking that this stop was a little suspicious, and out of the norm. Right then Jarom claimed to hear a noise that lead them into the church gym, which to Kara’s surprise was beautifully decorated. Jarom had collected a few of his friends to be servers and decorate the gym with flower petals, lanterns, white lights and so on. They were seated and served sparkling cider and an awesome dinner- Taco Bell. Who knew Crunch Wrap supremes were the way to Kara’s heart? Oh right, Jarom did. From there it was a blur of Jarom telling her all the reasons why he couldn’t face the world without her, and that they were the truest versions of themselves when they were together. He presented her with the most unique custom ring and asked her the easiest question of her life. [See their engagement from her point of view here:]

Kara and Jarom are so sweet. The second we got out of our cars, I felt totally at ease with them. We went to the cutest location at Garden Park Ward Church building in Salt Lake City. I have heard about this venue for about 4 years, and have never shot there. The stars aligned that we could all be in the same place at the same time and capture some lovely evening engagements. Kara and Jarom fit perfectly together, personality and height wise. ;) We were so excited to explore the cool architecture and backyard of this awesome building. There was even a cute little creek with a bridge! All I needed to do to make them laugh was get them to look at each other… they win the award for the giggliest engaged couple. Kara’s long hair not only was gorgeous, but was super super soft. ( I may have helped her adjust it just to feel how soft it really was! #hairgoals). We shot until sunset, and soaked up all the last rays of light pouring in through the trees. There is something about the sunset mixed with an in love couple that makes me excited every time. They were professional posers, they began to read my mind and not even need my help at all! I kept telling Jarom he was happiest and easy going groom I’ve worked with. Jarom works in the animation industry and if you need anything animated, or illustrated, he is the guy to call! Kara works for on campus housing at BYU and is the sweetest person I’ve ever met. I love her most because she says that even if she is a tall girl, that shouldn’t hold her back from rocking heels, which she will definitely be doing on her wedding day! Kara is from WA and they will be getting sealed in the Seattle, WA LDS Temple in May! Congrats guys! Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1377 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1378 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1380 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1379Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1382 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1383 Rachel by Kylee Ann Phorography_1384

Logan Wedding Photographer | Second Dam Bridals by Rachel | KAP by Rachel

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Now brides who love the quality, service and unique style of Kylee Ann Photography, but have a limited budget can still receive many of the benefits that come from the Kylee Ann brand.

Rachel is our second photographer. Not only is her photography similar to Kylee Ann’s, but she’s been apart of our business for the last year. She’s been mentored by Kylee, attended several workshops and is completely comfortable with the ins and outs of the entire experience we offer here. All work will be edited and completed through Kylee.

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March 22, 2016

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