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A Magical Fall Photoshoot at Tony Grove Lake

The Grose family recently had a beautiful fall photoshoot with Logan, Utah photographer, Nicole Erickson. The family of four children wore light-colored clothing that coordinated nicely and went perfectly with the backdrop of the mountains and lake. Tony Grove is worth the one-hour drive from Logan because of its amazing lighting when the sun dips behind the mountain. Nicole specializes in posed family photography while still getting the adorable in-between candid shots. Let’s take a closer look at this beautiful photoshoot!

A Magical Fall Photoshoot
The Grose Family’s Outfits
The Grose family showed up ready for their photoshoot wearing gorgeous light-colored outfits that coordinated perfectly. The two boys were wearing button-up shirts in shades of blue (one lighter than the other) while the girls wore trendy dresses in cream and tan colors. This was a great choice for their photos since it allowed them to stand out against the natural mountain backdrop without being too distracting from it.

A Magical Fall Photoshoot
Unique & Creative Posing
Nicole Erickson at Kylee Ann Studios is known for her unique and creative posing techniques that make every photo more interesting. For example, she poses the family into different ways for each picture so that you have plenty of options to choose from. She also has the family interact, hug, kiss and play while standing in front of a stunning mountain lake — something that will be cherished forever by their parents! Not only did this create some truly beautiful memories, but it also allowed each individual family member to shine through in their own way.

A Magical Fall Photoshoot
Lighting & Scenery
One of the biggest advantages to having your family photos taken by Nicole Erickson at Kylee Ann Photography is her ability to capture amazing lighting when shooting during sunset or sunrise. Since Logan is located near mountains and lakes, there are plenty of stunning backdrops available for your photos as well! This particular shoot took advantage of both aspects with gorgeous mountain views in the background as well as stunning lighting. It truly was a magical experience!
A Magical Fall Photoshoot

When looking for an experienced photographer for your next family photoshoot, consider hiring Nicole Erickson, Logan, Utah’s premium family photographer! Her unique posing techniques make each photo special and memorable while her knack for capturing amazing lighting ensures that you get quality photos even during sunset or sunrise hours. Plus, her proximity to gorgeous mountains and lakes makes it easy to find breathtaking backdrops for your photos! If you’re looking for someone who can capture beautiful memories of your family, reach out to us!

June 26, 2023

Kylee Ann Team

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