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Olive World Co | The Impact of a Styled Brand Shoot

Olive World Co | The Impact of a Styled Brand Shoot

When Olive World Co. sent us their style boards for their session, I was ecstatic! This baby brand sells high quality wooden shelves, toys, and clothing racks for children and I was so excited to bring their brand and their ideas to life & show them the impact of a styled brand shoot can have on their business.They sent over inspiration boards that included creamy and earthy tones and they wanted the shoot to emphasize how their minimalist products are beautiful and atmospheric. I had so much fun styling this shoot!

But don’t scroll down just yet! Before you start scrolling through all the dreamy photos – I know you just can’t wait but this will only take a few seconds – I want you to think about how you would feel if you saw that all these products were just in photos they were selling by themselves with a plain background behind them.

I don’t know about you, but I would not want be very excited to buy them. I wouldn’t be able to see how these products are different from so many others just like them out there on the market. And that’s why you need styled shoots!


The Impact of a Styled Brand Shoot

The Impact of a Styled Brand Shoot


Styled shoots are all about making your customer feel something.

Our goal at Kylee Ann Studios is to get your customer to feel connected to whatever you’re selling. In this case, I wanted the customer to be able to imagine their own children playing with these toys.  They needed to be able to picture the shelves hanging on their own walls and the play sets sitting in their own living room. That is why it is so important to have a variety of models and backdrops!


The Impact of a Styled Brand Shoot

Setting up the studio

Next, I wanted to give the studio a homey and warm environment. This happened when I added textures like wall hangings, rugs, blankets, and plants. I also used clothes and shoes to set up different scenes throughout the studio and that made if feel like we were in several different rooms.

But do you want to know what the most impactful part is? Getting the models to interact! Even if you have a scene set up beautifully, the photos can easily fall flat. To keep that from happening I made sure to show each child using the products the way they are intended.  I helped guide the babies to the toys above them. Then I waited until the perfect moment to capture them swatting at or chewing on one.


The Impact of a Styled Brand Shoot

Getting the models to interact

As for the older models, I kept them busy! I was constantly asking them to do all kinds of things. Some of them were easy, especially when there were toys to play with.  But often you have to get more creative! I had them pull out a hanging dress to look at. Then asked them to point at their favorite book, laugh together, and lean on each other.

What I ended up with was a gallery of interesting images that pulls the consumer in. Every brand’s dream!


The Impact of a Styled Brand Shoot

July 2, 2021

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