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Snowy Spring Engagements | Jessica and Kyler Engagements

Snowy Spring Engagements | Jessica and Kyler Engagements

These two are sooo special!! The way I know them is pretty unique!!! Jessica was a missionary in the Billings Montana Mission! I grew up in Montana and a few Thanksgivings ago, she came to our house for dinner! She became Facebook friends with my brother.

When she got home to USU from her mission, she was roommates with, Karen, another girl she had served their mission with. She remembered Nick from Montana and ended up setting Karen up with my brother! To make the long story short, they got married!! We have Jessica to thank for our sister in law!!

The way that Kyler and Jessica first met is equally a great story! They were both at the same party a few years ago! She noticed him but they never talked that night! They ended up connecting again via the help of some mutual friends and a social media dating app!!

They went on their first date, which was epic! It was a scavenger hunt all over the valley. It was a double date, and each couple had to find as many “Welcome to” signs for all the little towns in the valley. What an adorable idea!! These guys are pretty much the perfect match. They love to be active and outside.

Which makes sense why he took her via 4 wheeler up the canyon a few weeks ago. It wasn’t out of their norm to head up there for an evening of skiing. But this time, he surprised her with a ring and promise of forever! She couldn’t wait to say yes to forever with him!! 

We headed up to Logan Canyon for their snowy spring engagement session! Weather the weak leading up to the shoot was crazy but that night was perfection. These two killed it with their outfits, in fact I want her second outfit for my closet! I loved that they make everything joyful.  It was so fun to joke and laugh with them during their session. Kyler opened up the door for Jessica every time we got in and out of the car.  I truly got to see the depth of their love in front of my camera! Enjoy this session!! 


Snowy Spring Engagements Snowy Spring Engagements Snowy Spring Engagements Snowy Spring Engagements[

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