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Pondering Pine | A Day in the Life of a Brand Photographer

Pondering pine is a cute baby company! You can check out their website, here. They sell adorable baby products on amazon.

They are dedicated to using products made out of good material! They sell milestone blocks for documenting your baby’s life as well as milestone blankets! The product I was photographing for them was beautiful swaddle blankets that were darling colors.

Babies are so fun and there are such cute products out there for babies!

I thought I would tell you what the day in a life is like when I have a brand shoot!

This shoot was in the afternoon so I spent the morning getting my kids off to school, getting ready for the day and cleaning my house. I left about noon and took my boss, Kylee lunch and watched her photograph flat lays. I was nervous about using the steamer since I am new to it so I brought my ironing board haha! I was actually happy with how ironing the products turned out.

I got to work photographing the product! They were doing 8 different listing with 4 different blankets so I had a pretty decent sized list of shots to get. The brand was very detailed about the shots they wanted which was really helpful for me!

It was fun styling the blankets in different ways! We laid it over the crib, bassinet and couch! Did you know their were so many ways to style blankets?? It was fun to have two adorable baby girls come model the blankets! They were both so happy and smilie! After I was done with taking pictures of the models, i took a few more pictures of just the product. I had another family session in Smithfield so then I headed right to that shoot! When I got home I wanted to get the pictures on the computer and get them sorted, but we ran into some computer trouble of course haha! I eventually was able to get them on the computer and sent off to our amazing editor, Katie! I enjoy the process and feel accomplished getting this all done. I love that I have a skill that can serve others and help them better their life and business. Having nice product photography is super important for brands to grow and succeed!

Thanks for reading about my day photographing pondering pine!

December 29, 2021

Nicole Erickson

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