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Natalie + Niels Wedding | Provo City Center Temple Wedding

When I first met Natalie, she was the gorgeous bridesmaid at my first #KyleeAnnBride’s wedding. Kaycee shared her pictures with Natalie and she loved what she saw. During Kaycee’s luncheon, I sat at the bridesmaid table, cause that’s where I feel the most comfortable, and Natalie started chatting with me. She said “Not to be creepy, but I’ve totally stalked you…” It was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! Haha! We chatted about her wedding day coming up in April and I can’t believe just how amazing it was!! She even shared with me how he proposed. He told her he was making her a handmade Christmas gift, but it took him till mid January to finish it. She had no idea what it was, but she soon realized it was going to be special. It was a very detailed scrapbook of their lives together so far. He had cut pictures out, glued them in with designs and notes. When she got to the end, she was presented with her favorite ring and a promise for forever. I love their story.

Natalie and Niels were sealed in the new Provo City Center Temple. Knowing I would be shooting here, when I toured the temple back in February, and it was that much more amazing to me since I was going to get to photograph the amazing grounds with a beautiful bride and groom. If you don’t know the history of this new temple, go look it up! It used to be a Tabernacle and then unfortunately burned down. Only the brick walls were left standing. They rebuilt this building into a temple and the whole imagery of rising from the ashes to become something perfect and beautiful hold special significance to all the couples who will be sealed there. Natalie and Niels exited the temple doors as husband and wife and were greeted by the smiling faces of all they loved most. Natalie’s  dress, flowers and details were all stunning. Add in Niels with his arm around her, she was blindly beautiful. These two are the real deal.

I’ve never met a more perfect couple for each other than Natalie and Niels.  I’ve been dreaming of shooting there and their wedding day bridals totally surpassed my dreams!! It was Tuesday of finals week for BYU and I figured that the temple would be packed. Instead I was happily surprised to find out, she was the last bride of the day. AND there were only 2 weddings that day. We had the temple grounds to ourselves! I was amazed and kept thanking them for reserving the whole temple for me! :) Natalie had dreams of including a parasol in her wedding day pictures, and I’m so happy she did! It took the pictures to an even dreamier level. Niels is the perfect gentleman and treats Natalie with class. He does have a goofy side and it was a blast exploring this new temple’s grounds with these guys and this perfect light. Natalie is the picture perfect bride and all her visions and dreams came true with the soft tulle skirt and lace bodice dress. It was a joy to get to know these guys on the best day of their life. I’m in love with these pictures and I know you will be too!

Provo City Center Temple Wedding14Provo City Center Temple Wedding1Provo City Center Temple Wedding2Provo City Center Temple Wedding3Provo City Center Temple Wedding5Provo City Center Temple Wedding4Provo City Center Temple Wedding8Provo City Center Temple Wedding7Provo City Center Temple Wedding11Provo City Center Temple Wedding12Provo City Center Temple Wedding10Provo City Center Temple Wedding13Provo City Center Temple Wedding15Provo City Center Temple Wedding16KAP by Rachel Wadley Farms Reception Wedding Lindon Utah Wedding Photographer_1466 Provo City Center Temple Wedding18Provo City Center Temple Wedding19KAP by Rachel Wadley Farms Reception Wedding Lindon Utah Wedding Photographer_1469KAP by Rachel Wadley Farms Reception Wedding Lindon Utah Wedding Photographer_1470KAP by Rachel Wadley Farms Reception Wedding Lindon Utah Wedding Photographer_1467 Provo City Center Temple Wedding17

April 25, 2016

Kylee Ann Team

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