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Salt Lake City Photographer | Le Jardin

Salt Lake City Photographer

Jeff and Lindsay’s love story is one that will last a lifetime. The two met as teenagers, and went their separate ways. Over two decades later they found their way back to each other! To celebrate this lifelong journey of love, the couple had the most beautiful ceremony at Le Jardin in Utah. Surrounded by family, friends and the most beautiful plants. Let’s take a look at what made this special day so unique!

Le Jardin

The night was cold and snowy but it was made so much brighter by the colorful atmosphere of Le Jardin. Everywhere you could look there were vibrant colors and cheerful decorations everywhere. It was truly a magical sight to see! Jeff and Lindsay had even arranged for some of their favorite tunes from the 90s to be playing throughout the night. It added an extra element of nostalgia for both the couple and all of their guests.

Salt Lake City Photographer Salt Lake City Photographer

Family & Friends

One highlight of Jeff and Lindsay’s special night was getting to catch up with old friends. Many who had been part of their life since they first met as teenagers. Everyone came together from near and far to witness this momentous occasion. It was truly heartwarming to see everyone spending time together talking about old times. The kids also had a great time running around dancing away as if there wasn’t a care in the world!

Salt Lake City Photographer

As a Salt Lake City Photographer, I am grateful that I got to capture these precious moments forever. Everywhere you could look, you saw pictures from Jeff and Lindsay’s teen years reminding them just how far they have come together. There was so much joy, love, laughter, music, family and best of all – memories that will last a lifetime!

Salt Lake City Photographer

Jeff and Lindsay’s love story is one that is sure to be remembered for many years to come. Their special day reminds us all just how powerful love can be – no matter how long it has been apart or whatever obstacles may stand in its way – true love always finds its way back home eventually! It was an honor for me as Le Jardin photographer to capture these special moments between this amazing couple on such a beautiful night in Utah!

May 1, 2023

Shelby Preston

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