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Bride Tip • Best Salt Lake City Wedding Cakes

Salt Lake City Wedding Cakes

One thing I absolutely love about SLC is that there are SO many different Wedding Cake Vendors! Which means brides get to be picky. I thought I am picky when I come to my favorite the glass knife cafe to try a new dessert, but turns out there could be even more to it. Shop around. Find the best price and the best talent. It’s a beautiful process leading you to the dream Salt Lake City Wedding Cakes.

But one of the downsides when you have so many options, is that weeding through is a headache. That is where this blog post comes in. I have worked with the top Salt Lake City Wedding Cake Vendors. So I know which shops will give you the BEST cakes and the BEST prices. Happy Wedding Planning!

Carrie’s Cakes

Carrie is an award winning cake designer based right in Sandy, Utah. Not only is she famous for Utah, but in 2014 she even was rewarded a spot in the Martha Stewart Top 63 Pastry Chefs. Her cakes are legendary and DELICIOUS. I felt so honored to photograph one of her masterpieces!

Her shop is located at 1454 E. Ridgemark Dr. (9780 S.) in Sandy. But of course, she delivers anywhere! Carrie makes Wedding Cakes for brides all throughout the country. View her gallery here! Carrie is incredibly talented and experienced. She will bring your dreams to life. I am a fan of Carrie’s Cakes.

Salt Lake City Wedding Cakes Carrie's Cakes

Shmidt’s Pastry Cottage

My hubby and I love going to the Schmidt’s in South Jordan. They make these tasty sandwiches on home baked bread that are to DIE for. Those chefs know how to bake! I was so excited to hear that one of my Kylee Ann Brides had chosen Schmidt’s as her wedding cake vendor. As soon as I took a bite, I knew it was that Shmidt’s quality. I may have stolen another piece to take home 😜 Their cakes are that good.

South Jordan has been one of my go to lunch places. But they also have two other locations in Taylorsville and Salt Lake City. All 3 make beautiful cakes that you will fall head over heals in love with. WORD OF CAUTION: You may be tempted to lick your plate afterwards!

Granite Bakery

My KA Bride, Alex, and I have the exact same style. A towering cake was more of a wedding tradition and less of an actual want. So what Alex did was order this simple cake from Granite Bakery (that is the absolute cutest thing I have ever seen). This way she could get cake cutting pictures. But for the real desert she chose something that actually meant something to her and Michael. I have had brides do donuts, chocolate strawberries, cheesecake, hot chocolate… there are so many ideas out there!

Not only did going this route save money. It actually gave Alex more of what SHE wanted. A win-win. And if you are looking for other ways to save on the cake & wedding, make sure you read my Budget Saving Hacks blog!

And of course, I have to recommend Granite Bakery. They are SO amazing to work with. No hidden fees or costs. Simple. Well Priced. And the kindest people you will ever meet. This cake they made for Alex was EXACTLY what she wanted. I LOVE Granite Bakery!

The Neumann Bakery

The Neumann Bakery is thee hidden gem you have been searching for. You can’t find them online (they have half of an inactive website and zero social media accounts). Only the Farmington locals know about sweet spot. Last summer my KA bride, Camille, introduced me. OH. MY. HEAVENS. The best cinnamon rolls. The best brownies. And of course, the best cake! That you will EVER taste.

The Neumann Bakery is located at 443 S 200 E in Farmington. They are only open certain day so make sure you call to set up an appointment! Their number is (801)455-3278. Little word of warning, you are going to be addicted after one bite. Especially if you  ever have pregnancy cravings on top of your regular! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Salt Lake City Wedding Cakes


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