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Station Studio Newborn Photographer | Logan Utah Newborns | Hill Family

Station Studio Newborn Photographer | Logan Utah Newborns| Hill Family

How many Newborn Sessions at Station Studio do you have to complete before you can officially be a Station Studio Newborn Photographer? I love doing lifestyle newborn pictures because it captures the entire family at the time of a new baby. You’re really able to focus on the baby and their perfect little features. You’re able to capture so many details because you aren’t spending a huge amount of time putting them into one pose. Don’t get me wrong, posed traditional newborns are gorgeous!! They are just too much stress for me. We were done with this entire session in less than an hour. The traditional newborn sessions can take up to three hours. Just some things to think about as you are planning your newborn session!

These newborn pictures really reflect the tender new parents and I thought this blog post would be more complete with some words from Jessica. So I asked her to share a few of her favorite experiences about becoming a new mother.

Keep scrolling to read what sweet Clara’s mom wrote to her newborn daughter.


My Dear Little Clara, 

It has been such a joy welcoming you into this world and into our family. Your sweet little spirit lights up your daddy’s and my life in a way that is hard to express. There are lyrics to a song that comes to mind when I think of the impact you’ve had on our lives in such a short time. They say, “When I meet you little darling, all the grays will turn to colors in my eyes…all the colors lacking luster they will shine. When I hold you little darling, some of that cold within my soul will melt away…your hopeful eyes, they will light my darker days. When I kiss you little darling, what was static will be music to my ears…what was babble will be lyrics sweet and clear.” You have already brought so much color, light, and music to our lives, Little One. Did you know that your name means “bright” and “clear?” You have truly brightened our world with your tender spirit. I hope that you will continue to let your bright light shine clear and strong to those around you, especially in a world that seems to get darker with each passing day. Your determined, strong, beautiful spirit will surely be a blessing and light to others in this world as it has already blessed ours so greatly. I love you to the moon and back eternally and am so grateful you are ours. 


October 2, 2018

Kylee Ann Team

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