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How to Capture the Perfect Shoe Photo

Taking the perfect shoe photo can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be. From flat lays to model images, Kylee Ann Photography has perfected the art of taking photos for baby shoe businesses. We specialize in creative photography that displays the fit and use of the shoes with adorable models – so we thought we’d share some tips on how to capture the perfect shot.

Perfect Shoe Photo
Perfect Shoe Photo

Whether you’re shooting flat lays or with models, lighting is key. Natural light is best as it casts a soft, diffused light onto your subject and eliminates harsh shadows from artificial lighting sources. When shooting with natural light, you’ll want to make sure your background is evenly lit by reflecting light back at it using a white card or even a bed sheet. You don’t want your subject to be under or over exposed so try playing around with different angles until you find the one that works best for you!

Perfect Shoe Photo

Style & Composition

 It’s all about style and composition when taking pictures of shoes! Whether you’re photographing flat lays or models, try experimenting with different angles and perspectives – you never know what kind of unique shots you might come up with! For example, when shooting model images, consider including elements like an interesting backdrop, props (toys, books etc.), and even accessories (hats, scarves etc.) to add more interest and depth to your image.

Perfect Shoe Photo

Angles & Poses

As far as angles and poses go – the sky’s the limit! To get creative here, try getting down low for some fun ground-level shots or switch things up by snapping pictures from above. And don’t forget about those close-up shots either – they can really bring out details in texture and color that your viewers will appreciate! When it comes to posing models remember that less is often more – keep things simple yet intentional by having them sit naturally or stand tall in order for their shoes to take center stage!

Perfect Shoe Photo
Perfect Shoe Photo

Taking the perfect shoe photo isn’t always easy but with these tips from Kylee Ann Photography, we hope it will be easier than ever before! Lighting is key when creating impactful images – whether its natural light for flat lays or artificial lighting for model shots. Style & composition also play an important role in making sure your images are memorable and eye-catching – try experimenting with different angles and perspectives so you can explore new possibilities! Lastly, remember that angles & poses are just as important – keep things simple yet intentional so that your shoes will take center stage. With these helpful tips in mind, we hope that capturing beautiful shoe photos becomes second nature!

July 24, 2023

Nicole Erickson

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