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Tips for Getting the Perfect Big Group Family Photo!

Tips for Getting the Perfect Big Group Family Photo!

I personally believe that it is possible to get a lovely family photo that is near perfect! There will always be imperfections, but these tips will help you out a lot for your family photo session!!

Keep reading if you want to learn the tips that I educate my clients on before and during the family photo session.

Perfect Big Group Family Photo

Have empty pockets for your family photos

Take your keys, cell phone and wallet out of your pockets. This keeps your pockets from looking bulgy and square

Perfect Big Group Family Photo

How to stand

If it is a big group photo and the photographer hasn’t given you direction on how to stand here are some tips. .

If you are a man, put your hands in your pockets and relax your shoulders

If you are a women, put your weight on your back leg and stand at an angle giving your body an S curve. This is a flattering way to stand in photos

Smile happily at the camera

There are often a lot of little kids in big group family photos. It can be frustrating for parents and grandparents if the children are being wiggly and ignoring the camera. If we are trying to get the classic “looking at the camera photo”, we advise the grownups to keep smiling and looking at the camera and we will do our magic to get the children to look and smile!

Perfect Big Group Family Photo

Carefully pick out clothing items

Wear light colored clothing. Some of our favorite suggestions for big group family photos are Blue, white and cream. This can include denim! This is a color pallet that is easy on the eyes.

Perfect Big Group Family Photo

Avoid loud patterns and distracting logos.

Avoid Neon colors and bright colors like red and orange. These colors cause casting onto your skin. Another color pallet we love to suggest is light pastels. Light pastels are gorgeous for family photos. Simple prints and textures also look beautiful in family photos.

Perfect Big Group Family Photo

Prepare beforehand by resting and eating

Be sure all of the children are fed a meal before the photo shoot. It is also helpful to take it easy for the day so that they aren’t exhausted for the big event of family photos. Explaining to the children exactly what will happen is often helpful! Bringing treats and water is a must

Perfect Big Group Family Photo

Prepare for nature!

Often, summer family pictures include bugs! Bring or wear bug spray to your family photo session! This keeps kids from having to swat at bugs and getting frustrated with the bugs. It also keeps the bugs out of your photo. Bugs often swarm your head and that can be distracting in a photo.

We love capturing big group family photos! We hope you enjoy these tips to help your family photos turn out perfect!

October 25, 2023

Kylee Ann Team

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