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Tips to Prepare for your Wedding | Nicole’s Wedding Portfolio

HOW EXCITING! It’s time to prepare for your wedding! This is a very very exciting time, but it also comes with a fair amount of stress! Here at Kylee Ann Studios, We love giving our brides and grooms all the tips to have a successful wedding day. Today I am going to give you a few tips for planning your wedding!

Tips to Prepare for your Wedding

  1. Plan enough time for pictures

For most brides and grooms, pictures are very important to them! If you are running out of time to get the wedding photography you want, that will cause stress! We don’t want you to feel stressed on your wedding day. Plan for enough time after the ceremony to capture family photos, bridal party photos and formal photos of you and your groom! I suggest at least an hour and a half if you are not doing bridal photos before your wedding day.

  1. Set a budget and pinpoint what is most important to you to spend money on

Is your dress what you are most excited about? The venue? The cake? The send off? What is something that makes you super excited for your wedding? Leave room in your budget to make that area of your wedding excellent and everything you dream of! For me, I was really excited about wedding photos and splurged on our wedding photographer! She was amazing and I am so happy that was a priority for me.

  1. Choose an appropriate time of day for lighting

If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception, it is important to consider the lighting for your event! It is also important to consider the positioning of the ceremony. IF you and your groom are in the beating sun in August at noon, that will be really sweaty and uncomfortable! Not only do you want to choose a good time of day for the weather purposes but also the lighting purposes for your photography! A golden hour wedding photograph is BEAUTIFULLY! And golden hour bride and groom portraits are the way to go! If you have flexibility in the time of your wedding ceremony, I highly suggest picking a time of day that will have good lighting! The time will vary throughout the year.

  1. Contact the vendors you want ASAP

It would be so sad to be super excited about your venue, florist or cake decorator only to find out they are booked for your wedding day! As soon as you can, book your vendors!! They fill up fast.

Tips to Prepare for your Wedding

  1. Consider the flow of your special day

Travel to and from the different venues, the meal times, the time spent on photography, are all things to consider on your wedding day. You want the day to flow seamlessly and naturally.

Tips to Prepare for your Wedding

  1. Keep guests updated on the plans and what is expected of them

Something I like to tell my brides and grooms is to tell their family members in advance that they will be taking pictures after the ceremony. If you tell them in advance, they will be prepared and won’t be blindsided by having to take photos…even though it should be obvious lol! Be sure to disperse all of the addresses so no one is frantic on the day of the wedding!

Tips to Prepare for your Wedding Tips to Prepare for your Wedding

I hope these tips are helpful in planning your special day!! Congrats!

Tips to Prepare for your Wedding

May 9, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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