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Logan Backyard Extended Family | Shantel Stokes Family

Logan Backyard Extended Family | Shantel Stokes Family

The snow is finally melted and the weather is starting to warm up outside.  It’s almost the time for long sun filled days, and with that will come lots of family time.   In their Logan backyard the extended family had a reunion.

This childhood home, and their backyard was the perfect setting for making memories through family photos.  The green grass and trees just scream summertime.  Not only did it seem like we were inside a forest, but they had this special swing that was built by Grandpa.  There were several little ponds and the reflection off of the water mixed with the evening light was absolutely magical.  Any time you can use a location that is important to your family it makes your end result even more special.


Capturing Relationships

It is so important to capture relationships when it comes to any kind of family photos.  Photos with genuine expressions and interactions are exactly what families want.  Especially ones who may live far apart.  We start with pictures of everyone smiling at the camera.  Then I shift my focus to the little details.  Hands being held, cute toes, hugs and snuggles.  I made sure to get pictures of the grandkids interacting, as well as grandparents holding and playing with them.

Extended family photos are fun because I get to see all of the different family groupings.   They each fit into their own family unit.  We always start with the big group picture, then siblings, cousins, etc… Then each individual family gets their own turn.  A little photo session within a session!  Even Grandma and Grandpa get their own time to shine.  The last thing I like to do is individual pictures of each grandkid, and each adult too!  Every person deserves a picture of themselves, and their loved ones cherish the photos they have of each other.            

Logan Backyard Extended Family Logan Backyard Extended Family Logan Backyard Extended Family

May 6, 2022

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