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Urban Photos in Utah | MacFarlane Family

Is this not the most fun session you’ve ever seen!? The Macfarlane family looked like one million bucks in their Urban Photos in Utah! The men wore suits and the girls wore dresses and skirts and it looked so amazing in downtown Logan Utah. We met up on center street. This location is such a fun way to change up your family photos!

Today I am going to tell you about the different types of photos we get at your family session!

  1. The group shot of the whole family! It is very important to me that we get a print worthy family photo from your family session. We will take 5+ different family poses at your family session to make sure we get a group shot you love!

  2. Just the siblings! This is a fun one! It’s so fun to look back on the kids changing from year to year. It is also fun to recreate poses from past years.

  3. Headshots of each individual. We love to get a few different looks for individual headshots so you can update the photos of each kid on your wall! I get close ups and full body shots at every session and try to show off everyone’s unique personality. I also like to get headshots of just the grown ups if they’ll let me! It is nice for them to have an updated profile picture for the various media apps they use.

  4. Just the parents together! This is also a fun shot to capture every year! It is amazing how much we change every year even as adults! I know I personally love having an updated photo with my spouse, so I try to do a couple poses of just the parents at every family session!

  5. Just the girls, just the boys, and any other groupings like that! Some families want to skip out on these photos and take more family photos and that is great too! A lot of people love having these photos and its fun to post them on Facebook on national daughters day and son’s day and stuff like that!

  6. Each parent with each child! This is totally a bonus as well, but I have a picture with my mom from family photos when I was younger and I love it! This is totally fun for kids and they will cherish these pictures when they are older too!

Family sessions can be totally customizable to what you are wanting and needing. All families are different and unique and we want to capture the love and chaos you share together just how you are right now!

November 25, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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