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Jen and Steven | Woodard Bay Pictures | Engagements Olympia Washington

Jen was playing on a co-ed slow pitch team at Yauger park the summer of 2012. She just so happened to be friends with Steven’s sister, Kim who was on the team. She had no idea that she had a brother. On one of the Friday game nights, her parents and her brother (who she thought was Kim’s boyfriend) came to the games to watch. Jen told another one of the girls on the team that she thought he was cute. She then in turn told Kim the following week at the games. Kim best friend Jessica and now husband were both there at the game with her. Jessica was sneaking pictures of Jen to send to Steven to explain who she was. They asked Jen for her number so they could give it to him but she was shy and said “No, that’s awkward.” Jen’s mom who was also at this game was listening to this conversation and after Jen said no she said “Her phone number is xxxxx”. About two hours later Jen received a text.

Their first date was not your typical. She had a best friend move to New Jersey after High School and she was back in town for the first time since she had left and Jen had scheduled to have a group of people over to celebrate her being back. There was about 50 kids who were invited to come. So Jen figured she would invite Steven to come if he wanted to. She has always been very close with her friends and family so there was no better way to start out then to bring him to her parents home with all of her friends. The date ended with Steven accidentally almost drowning the dog (not really), Jen’s brother shooting a goose in the driveway and meeting the entire family in all their true colors. It didn’t scare him away!

On January 1st 2016 he proposed. Jen had been mentioning that she had wanted to go to Snoqualmie Pass and do the night sledding. So her parents, brother, his girlfriend Katie, and Steve, and Jen went. At the end of their rides in 11 degree weather and wind chill, they found this adorable cabin at the top of the hill by the tube rental for the sledding. As they were walking up to the cabin she could see her family all standing at the stairway with candles in their hands. As they approached the bottom of the stairway Steven told Jen that he loved her and he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.
Jen and I played basketball on the same team for two years. My dad was the coach, and Jen was the only one that could actually play. We ended up losing a lot. Every game for 3 years in a row. But that didn’t stop Jen from going on to high school and becoming a super star Varsity basketball player.

Jen and Steven | Woodard Bay Pictures | Engagements Olympia Washington

Jen and Steven | Woodard Bay Pictures | Engagements Olympia Washington

April 17, 2017

Kylee Maughan

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