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10 Reasons to Become a Brand Photographer

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1. More Consistent Income

If you’ve been a photographer for awhile, you know that income can be very inconsistent. Every photographer has a “busy season” and a “slow season.” You have to great at managing your money! But even then if you’re not booking well in slow season for the next busy season it can get scary. I used to be completely DEAD in January, but this year it was one of my busiest months ever with 12-15 shoots per week.

2. Uncapped Earning Potential

Not only will you have more consistent work and income, but the potential is uncapped. You can work as much or as little as you want. If you need more clients, you have more control. When you’re a wedding or family photographer, it takes a lot more convincing and marketing to get clients because it’s an emotional investment. There are SO MANY BRANDS that need great photography ALL of the time. Especially in the digital age we live in. And the best part is: it’s not limited to where you live.

3. Controlled Hours

You control when you work and where you work. It is up to you to set a schedule instead of matching up with your clients’ schedules.

4. Controlled schedule

You can also control how many hours you work. You can take a few sessions a week or choose to be full time.

5. SO fun working with brands and hanging out with models

One of my models told me that brand shoots at the studio are like an exclusive mom club that everyone wants to be apart of. We have so much fun talking about motherhood, brands and life during our commercial shoots. It allows me to have a social life while working a lot simultaneously. I LOVE getting to know so many amazing people, and having so much interaction with other mommas daily.

6. Work in your PJs

Guilty. I just really don’t like wearing real pants. But when you’re rolling on the floor with babies, you don’t have to. I love that I don’t have to get dressed up to go to work anymore.

7. Same client monthly instead of new clients every month

I have created amazing relationships with my clients because I get to work with them all of the time. For some it’s quarterly, others monthly and a handful I get to work with weekly. I have made some of my best friends this way. It’s so nice to work with other business owners that are ambitious and hardworking.

Not to mention, it’s so much better to have ONE client that comes monthly than 12 clients that come once a year. It’s a consistent paycheck, schedule and makes it easier on me to understand and shoot for each brand.

8. It’s all business instead of personal

Nothing is personal anymore. You’re not dealing with insecurities or emotions, which can sometimes make wedding and family photography very difficult. Everything is business. If you need to change colors on an edit, it’s to better match the brand. It’s so much easier to re-shoot or re-edit when its a business move vs an emotional move.

9. Spoil old clients or friends

I LOVE that my clients, friends and neighbors get free pictures and free clothes or accessories all of the time. I get to spoil them, and the brand pays for it. Of course the brand is so grateful for people willing to model their products.

10. So much creativity!

Brand photography challenges me in a way that shooting for clients could never challenge me. I can be creative with how I put products together, lighting, colors and so much more.

Be the FIRST to know when our Brand Photography Course launches. Sign up here.

September 10, 2020

Kylee Maughan

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