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Spring and Slightly Crazy Kids | 2016

I blinked and my babies become little people. Two curious, adventurous and slightly crazy little humans. They have me constantly laughing, cringing and occasionally even crying. Their eyes are full of wonder and innocence, but each day they learn more about this crazy world we live in. I want them to stop growing, stop asking questions and becoming so smart. I want them to be my little innocent babies forever…eating dirt and chasing animals.
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Stories behind the pictures so I never forget.

  • My friend Heather has the cutest baby lambs. She let us come over to help feed them, jump on their tramp and play with the hose.
  • Piper is obsessed with her grandpas. Luke’s dad, Grandpa Bruce, comes over at least once a week, but usually more. EVERY time that he has to leave, Piper clings on for dear life and yells “no no no no!”
  • Brody has planted a dandelion garden in his little house. He laid rocks, then picked dandelions from the yard to have a full and beautiful “garden.” He asked me over and over to take pictures of each part of it.
  • Piper had a very interesting few months with eczema, staff, scabies (possibly), and strep. Basically she was an itchy mess. Poor baby girl had some rough nights and long days until we got it all figured out.
  • Aunt Lolo made Piper a swimsuit during General Conference. Cutest thing EVER.
  • Rachel and her sister, Holly, were watching a kitten. They brought it over so my kids could chase it around (while Brody took a million photos).
  • We took a family hike/walk at Green Canyon one Sunday while daddy tested his drone. The kids love being outside. As soon as the weather cooperates, that is where we will spend all of our days.
  • Luke went to New York for almost a week. Meanwhile Piper got a terrible ear infection and was too sick to sleep. Neighbors and sitters came to the rescue. Otherwise the kids were on their best behavior, and we had a fun time.
  • We spent a Saturday with Grandpa Bruce, Uncle Austin and Sierra. The day started early at Austin’s soccer game and ended with a family match. Three generations of Maughans kicking around the soccer ball at the park. In between we saw the Jungle Book!


May 15, 2016

Kylee Maughan

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