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29 Weeks & 21 Months

It’s been four weeks so I think it’s time for another pregnancy update! I am now 29 weeks and in my third trimester! Woooohooo. It’s the best trimester EVER. I will take all the discomfort/weird preggo pains and getting huge over all the other crazy symptoms the first two trimesters threw at me. We are so close to meeting our baby girl. Cannot wait.

While we were in Seaside, my dad took a few maternity pictures at 27 weeks. Maternity Pictures #kyleeannphotography


HOW FAR ALONG: 29 weeks & 3 days (which is 7 months+) Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 8.50.34 AM

HOW BIG IS BABY: According to Baby Center, our baby is now the size of a butternut squash. She is approximately 2.5 lbs and 15 inches long.

MOVEMENT: She is always kicking, rolling, hitting and moving all around that belly. When she’s awake, every single side of my belly is moving. I am not sure which side is legs and which side is arms. I’ve had a few rib kicks, but nothing too painful…yet ;) And Brody is finally letting me put his hand on my belly and he loves her kicks, too. Luke is indifferent…like last time. It’s a guy thing, right? I love every second of it all.


FEELING: As far as the nausea and anxiety go, I feel SO much better. We’ve been running around signing to Doc McStuffins feel better song the last few weeks. After my last update, I was a big mess. High anxiety, high nausea, high heartburn and total discouragement. I didn’t think I was going to be able to survive the last few months of pregnancy. With lots of praying and support from my friends/family, I made it! I stopped taking Zofran when I found out that anxiety was a big side effect. I’ve been mostly anxiety-free and nausea-free ever since. Not 100%, but better…and most importantly, survivable. It’s a miracle. I kinda feel like superwomen (besides the pain). I even started nesting a little bit. I got my entire house cleaned, organized, dejunked, vacuumed, scrubbed, etc. It hasn’t looked this good since it was empty!

My current dilemma is I’ve developed Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP). It’s been a dull pain for the past month or two, but over the last week it’s become excruciating. Standing up after sitting, lifting one leg, crossing my legs, walking up stairs or slopes and getting dressed are nearly impossible the last few days. I feel like I’ve lost movement in my hips and legs. Every day it’s gotten worse. I went to the chiropractor yesterday hoping for some relief, but he couldn’t get it. One of my local friends has it so bad that she is now in a wheelchair and using a walking cain even post-baby. She has been amazing with providing me resources and suggestions. I will be talking to a physical therapist today for an appointment and hopefully avoiding a wheelchair! I’m taking it very easy this weekend to avoid further injury!!

DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT: My last doctor’s appointment was last week and I have another next week. Everything looked and sounded great. My belly is still measuring a centimeter behind, but no one is worried about it. Mr. Brody was on his best behavior, even without daddy there to keep him in line. All the nurses and doctors were talking about how cute and polite he was. There were lots of “hi”, “bye” and “thank you”s. He was SO excited to hear Piper’s heartbeat. His jaw dropped and eyes got all wide and he started yelling “Piper, Piper, Piper.” I wish I had it on video.


WEIGHT GAIN: Around 19 lbs.

CRAVINGS: Fruit, always. And ice water!

SLEEP: Besides staying up way too late every night, I’m sleeping just fine. I’m still sleeping on my belly and my bed is soooo comfortable. Best investment ever.

STRETCH MARKS: Still I haven’t noticed any new ones.

Maternity Pictures #kyleeannphotography


  • Piper’s clothes!!! While we were in Seaside, we went to the Carter’s outlet and my mom pretty much supplied Piper with her entire first year of clothes. And even a few for her second year. Carters is my most favorite baby clothes store. I’m so thankful to have the best mom ever. On top of that, my aunt Barbi supplied her with a whole year of headbands! We also got lots of cute things from Grandma Falter while we were shopping at Toy’s R Us. Her closet is looking quite amazing.
  • Piper’s nursery! It’s going to be is mint and lavender. We’re piecing it together with Brody’s nursery furniture and some new stuff as well. My mom bought Piper a beautiful antique white dresser at an estate sale. Lauren gave her a mint quilt rack. My friend Brenda made her a beautiful lavender and peach crochet blanket. We got frames, headband holders, and all sorts of other cute decor. I cannot wait to put it all together!!
  • Brody meeting his baby sister! He turned a new corner and loves babies now. In the last few weeks I’ve had lots of newborns and little babies around. He just wants to hug them, give them kisses when they’re crying and share all his toys with them. He already is so sweet with Piper…even though I’m not sure he knows exactly what is going on. He always gives her hugs, kisses and listens to her in my belly.
  • Maternity leave!! So stoked to be able to focus just on my home and family for a few months. And rest…



Brody turned 21 months. He is growing so fast, so I wanted to include an update for him as well.

He loves:
  • To read books. We spend at least an hour reading everyday. He takes one book off the shelf at a time then brings it over to the rocking chair, climbs up, reads it then puts it back and grabs another one. It’s my favorite time of day. He loves all kinds of books, especially by Sandra Boynton.
  • Animals. All kinds of animals. Goats, chickens, dogs, cows, tigers, elephants…basically all the farm and zoo animals you can think of. His absolute favorite animal is CATS. He got to choose one toy in Seaside and he chose a stuffed cat and named in Zeus. That little Zeus cat goes everywhere with us now. Brody also loves cat vines, cat google image search, Aristocats and of course his grandparent’s real cat, Leo!
  • To play outside. He loves chalk, slides, swings, the pool, cars (especially the ones at my mom and dad’s house), chasing birds, digging in dirt and rocks.
  • To play inside. He loves blocks, coloring, sword fighting, trains, cars and his little airplane toy that he rides around the kitchen.
  • To talk. He says everything!!! He is the best talker I’ve ever met. He repeats all our words and remembers them too! It blows my mind how much he knows and can comprehend! He’s even using some full sentences here and there.
  • Music. He learns songs really quickly! He loves to sing, dance, play the piano, drum and loves watching movies or shows with good music.
  • Movies. His favorites are Frozen, Aristocats, Fox & the Hound 2, Tarzan.
  • TV Shows. His favorites are Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse, Chuggington and Bo on the Go.
  • Food.  His favorite foods are grapes, raspberries, ham, pizza, graham crackers and anything that resembles candy, mostly.
  • Letters. He knows all his ABCs and loves to point them out when he sees them on a book or sign.
  • To watch for things in the car. His favorite things to spot are flags, the temple, church, daddy’s work, the park, trucks, police cars/ambulances/fire trucks and any kind of animals.
  • To swim. In the pool, bath or ocean, but mostly wherever his daddy is. He loves to blow bubbles in the water, pretend to swim with his arms and splash.
  • To fight monsters. I think he’s actually a bit afraid of them. We started this “hurry, the monsters are coming” game in Washington. And now he runs around the house with his swords “hiii-yaah” getting monsters. When he says prayers by himself, he only mentions “help from monsters” and amen.
  • To clean and be clean. His favorite chores are taking dirty clothes to the laundry room, rotating laundry, putting garbage in the garbage can, cleaning up water, bringing towels to whoever is in the shower, sweeping and helping change his own diaper. He always needs his hands and toes clean, loves to scrub himself in the bath and wipe his bum!
  • To snuggle. Every morning and every night and if I’m lucky sometimes mid-day too.

August 8, 2014

Kylee Maughan

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