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6 Reasons to hire the Kylee Ann Team for your Brand Pictures | Bebe Au Lait

Why Hire the Kylee Ann Team for your brand pictures?? I will tell you why!

  1. The Team

Our team has Several photographers who are trained in photography and video to capture your products! You can always count on your brand photography work getting done on time because of the team effort that we put into our studio! We all take an interest in making our brands as happy as possible and providing them with the best possible pictures!

Kylee Ann Team for your brand pictures

  1. Our Fast Turn Around Time

We have several people on our team making it possible for a fast turnaround time!

Kylee Ann Studios has systems in place to make the process speedy and efficient.

  1. The Studio

Our studio is equipped with amazing props that only enhance your product. The lighting is beautiful and even and consistent through out the whole studio. You get consistent photos through out the month to make your website look nice and sharp because of the consistent lighting in our studio! We have all sorts of colors of flat lay boards to bring your  brand colors into your shoot!

Kylee Ann Team for your brand pictures

  1. Our Bright Clean edits

Our edit is NOT a trendy oversaturated or over or under exposed edit. Our edit is bright and clean and sharp to accurately show off your product! Our edit is also customizable to what you are needing for the aesthetic of your brand!

Kylee Ann Team for your brand pictures

  1. You receive A lot of high quality pictures for affordable price

Because of the systems we have in place, we are able to deliver 75+ pictures per hour of shooting of all different types of photography including product shots, styled shots, lifestyle shots and more! If you sign up for our subscription, you receive hundreds of photos through out the year to help market your business! We have years of experience with brand  photography and can capture the most high quality photos for your business and brand.

Kylee Ann Team for your brand pictures

  1. Our database of models.

We have a database of HUNDREDS of diverse models who are excited about modeling for our brands. They work for product and pictures as payment most of the time which is fun and exciting for them!

Our models are easy to work with and super cute. We love working with them and our brands are obsessed with how cute our models are!

We love serving brands at Kylee Ann Studios!! Are you one of our brands at Kylee Ann Studios?? Tell us why you love working with the Kylee Ann Team for your brand pictures.

Kylee Ann Team for your brand pictures

March 28, 2022

Kylee Maughan

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