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A Trip to Washington | May

Last weekend we got to go home for Addie & Brett’s wedding day. Instead of booking a bunch of sessions like I normally do, I just wanted to relax and spend my extra time with my family. We had SO much fun in Washington. Brody’s favorite part was playing outside with Bumpa, Nana and his aunts and uncles! They are sooo much more fun than mom!


His first obsessions was this little red car that Nana pulled out for him. His uncles took turns pulling him around the yard. He could not get enough!

IMG_8393IMG_8405 UntitledIMG_8412IMG_8427IMG_8419

But then Emmalee showed him her pink Barbi Jeep and Brooklyn taught him how to drive it. He learned how to open the front door and would run to his little Barbi jeep whenever he had a chance. He only fell out once and didn’t even shed a tear. Luke would’ve been proud ;)


We also spent some time outside on the Belnap farm. He got to meet the new goat, baby chicks and baby bunnies. He absolutely loved the goat. On the first night, he helped grandma feed the goat her bottle. The next day he helped feed it flowers and then just wanted to hug it. He also loved petting the baby bunnies and seeing all the chicks!


He loved all the animals, but his best friend was Shadow the family dog. He went everywhere Shadow went and especially loved sharing his food with him.


Nana took him to get a super cool haircut in a super cool car. Even with two suckers he was a little bit freaked out by the whole thing. Nana ended up having to hold him. IMG_8490

Aunt Brooklyn is waiting for her mission call so we checked the mail together all week. Still waiting… IMG_8953IMG_8917

On our last day, my cousin Liam had a birthday so we had a family picnic in the park! It was so fun seeing family from Bellingham and Bellevue too! Brody spent the entire time playing on the playground with Brooklyn and Emmalee.IMG_8936 IMG_8930belly

My parents are the best grandparents in the world. They took Brody EVERY single early morning wake up. One of them was even 2:30 AM! :O Also, my mom kept me stocked up on saltines, zofran and water. I ended up being super sick when I had to go home so she got a pass in the airport and walked us all the way to the gate! I seriously don’t know what I’d do without these two.

mom2IMG_8425 momandmommom

May 30, 2014

Kylee Maughan

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