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Baby Maverick Birth Story |

Wowza, my sister in law is my hero. On Monday morning she went in for her 39 week check up and didn’t leave. Due to high blood pressure, she had to be monitored and induced. It was a LONG day of excruciating headaches, puking, hunger and pain. At 4pm they started her IV of magnesium. That was probably the worst part. The poor thing could not even think or open her eyes. She was so out of it and exhausted. By 4:30am she had finally reached a 10, and gave her the go ahead to start pushing. I got to the hospital at around 4:40am after getting hourly updates through the night. She was still so out of it. Apparently magnesium is the worst thing to labor with. I had no idea. She barely opened her eyes in the few hours I was there, and couldn’t say much. Not only was she on these drugs and pain meds, but had been awake laboring all night long. She was so tired, yet she did it. She was a rockstar. Exactly and hour and a half of pushing before baby Maverick made his appearance. God gave me an easy labor because he knew I couldn’t’ve handle it. Kayla could. I was so impressed with how amazing she handled EVERY curveball to get that 7lbs 10oz little guy into this world. Josh was also a champ through it all. I love him so much already, and I’m so grateful I could do be there for his first breath in this world.
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