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You know those videos on Pinterest with the ‘life hacks’. I can never stop watching those. My eye catches it and my mind just explodes with how smart people are. And convenient life can be. These helpful products for parents are the same way! Products you never knew existed that will change your life forever. […]

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It is Thanksgiving week and there’s a lot of gratitude talk in the air, which is why I’m talking about one of my favorite topics. Studies have proven that having an attitude of gratitude has major benefits! People who count their blessings are more happy and less depressed, more relaxed, more resilient. You’re more social, […]

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The blush outfits for the girls are the tip of the iceberg for this gorgeous family of three (with one on the way). Even with one child, family pictures can be challenging. (Sometimes husbands are the worst of all). But I remember the chaos of my first family pictures, when I was a kid. And […]

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Remember this cute brand, Birchly, from our indoor shoot last month? Often times, brands like Birchly who create organic products for children like to use the great outdoors in their branding and advertising. You can’t get more organic than nature, right? Outdoor brand photography is a little bit different. It takes a little more care […]

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Think of an Instagram account you’ve been following for at least six months…Now why do you think it deserves your follow? Why haven’t you hit the “unfollow” button? Probably because you feel connected in some way. I see a lot of Instagram accounts that are only reaching surface level because they are lacking value. They […]

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Dudley’s | BoHo Gilbert Arizona Desert-scape Family Session I met Amanda for the first time at my SIL’s baby shower in Arizona and we quickly found out that we had to have met at some point in the past few years. She is friends with a friend of mine in San Diego, and I became […]

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Zacarias Family Session | San Diego, CA Maria and Vin were a referral from another San Diego Family. They are highschool sweethearts and now their kids are also at the same high school where they met. The Zacarias family had their pictures taken last year in La Jolla and wanted something a little more out […]

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Pretty much everyone has gone through a hard time in 2020, you might even still be in the middle of your pandemic-inflicted trials. I don’t need to explain how tough this year has been but I want you to know that whatever your hard is, it matters! Maybe your hard right now is that your […]

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As a baby toys brand photographer, most of the brands I shoot are colorful and soft. This highlo modern brand is so fun because it is BOLD. Many of the black and white toys come alive with unique animals and shapes. The colorful toys are very modern looking that make them fun and unique. It’s […]

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“Tobias & the Bear is a playful world of unique, comfy and enviable baby & kids-wear, made with love and care for your little ones and the world they live in. Designed to last and be passed down, each piece is destined to tell a story”. I’ve worked with a lot of kids-wear brands before. […]

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I used to think that personality tests were all about those Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you what Harry Potter character you are, or those questionnaires you were forced to take in high school to find out your future career. The first time I took a real personality test, I felt SO validated. But nothing has […]

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  This year’s Wellsville Fall mini session was a huge success. I was able to get several beautiful families done in a short period of time and all the pictures turned out great. The weather cooperated, the lighting was great, and it was easy breezy. It makes me realize how blessed I am to have […]

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