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You are a business owner first. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with problem clients or unhappy customers at some point in your business. Sometimes the problem is their insecurities. Sometimes the problem is miscommunication. Sometimes the problem is just a freak accident. Regardless, there are simple ways to handle problem clients without letting it […]

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Joyful Brand Photography The Oh Baby commercial winter brand shoot was a dream! from fluffy tulle tutus, to custom cut ADORABLE animals and shapes and hats with pom poms you can change out, they’ve thought of it all. Classic and trendy kids-wear at the same time is no small feat, but every collection hits that […]

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Kaelynn started her journey in the entrepreneurship world when she was 11 years old. Her parents would help her list products for sale on eBay with her brothers. That’s what it’s like being a child of an entrepreneur. When she was a bit older shifted into wedding florals with a friend. When Kaelynn was expecting […]

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Bailey’s brother is moving!! So before he moved away, the Baxter family needed one great family photo for the wall. It’s not easy with a baby and a toddler, but that’s what makes it exciting. I loved chasing around Baxter and taking pictures of this cute family.   Baxter Extended Family Pictures | Wellsville Family […]

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I grew up in a big family. There were six of us kids. I always loved the chaos, noise and energy of our family. To be fair, my sister and I were probably the loudest and most energetic ones growing up. But I loved having siblings to play with, to tease, and to love. This […]

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My friend, Bre Miller, is an amazing mama with kids in all stages of life. With all the craziness going on, I wanted her perspective on creating routines & dealing with everything happening. “We have five kids. Our oldest is almost 11 and our youngest is two. We have a daughter that is 11, an […]

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This right here is my happy place. ✔️ the ocean ✔️ cozy sweatshirt ✔️ misty rain ✔️ my babies ✔️ sand in my toes ✔️ 0 distractions I feel sooo much peace here.   r

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Tealbee | Playsuit When a company sends something called a playsuit, you know you’re about to have some fun! and every kid wanted to have so much fun!! In this lifestyle commercial photoshoot we jumped, we make food, we ate string cheese, we giggled, rolled around; everything a kid should do in a playsuit! And […]

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Mallory & Tony | Old Rock Church Wedding My first Wedding as a Kylee Ann Associate Photographer was a whirlwind! I was pulled in at the last minute to help shoot Mallory and Tony’s wedding at the Old Rock Church Bed and Breakfast. Kylee came out of wedding photography retirement and I had a once […]

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Lexie & Rocky | Newlywed Mini Session I worked briefly with Lexie and Rocky in Logan a few years ago and I was so excited when I saw that they signed up for my first set of mini sessions. They are the cutest fairly newlyweds who don’t have little ones yet and I applaud them […]

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I teach photographers how to find their niche into small brand photography in my Brand Photography Course. I have been a photographer for nearly a decade, but niched into brand photography about three and a half years ago when I was pregnant with my third child. You can read the entire story here, but in […]

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There have been SO many emotions around the newest feature on Instagram — excitement, nervousness and pure dread to name a few. So today we’re talking all about REELS on the podcast. First of all, what is reels? Reels is VERY similar to TikTok but inside the Instagram app. You can record and edit 15 […]

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