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I legitimately lost my mind. It was almost two years ago when I was in the middle of a family shoot and my memory completely disappeared. I finished the shoot (miraculously) and headed to the ER. It was a stress migraine that made me lose my memory for several hours. The MRI came back clear, […]

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Its hard to be present with your kids when you have so many ideas in your head My mind is going all day long. I can go one hour driving in the car with ABC kid soundtrack playing and not notice because my inner dialogue is so strong. Ideas come to me in the car, […]

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For years and years, I never said no. I hate to disappoint people. I’m pretty much a people pleaser, and hate to see people upset. “No” was not really in my vocabulary when I started business. Would you do it for this price? YES Can you get me all the pictures back in time for this? […]

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In order to stand out in a saturated crowd, I needed to be different. When I started marketing my business online, I was stuck in these professional, drab style posts, just ugh. I go back and scroll through my Instagram from the very beginning, and there’s no personality at all. Some of my captions were, […]

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There are lots of reasons to work ahead in your business. First of all, when you’re intentionally doing the work instead of doing it because it’s last minute, it’s better quality. Second, having things done and off your list will bring you peace of mind. I am someone that struggles with anxiety. And if I have […]

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My #1 Secret to Real Business Success In my decade as an entrepreneur I have seen businesses start and stop, launch and fail over and over. In my decade as an entrepreneur, I’ve seen businesses start and stop, launch and fail over and over and over. I’ve seen my friends do it. I’ve seen my […]

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When I started my business,  I was the one-woman amateur show I was this one-woman amateur show. I literally did everything all by myself. I made my own logo and it changed quite frequently. I created my own website with Adobe Dreamweaver, which I would definitely not recommend to anyone in my shoes. I spent […]

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The first few months of the year, Kylee Ann Studios was booming. It was our best year. We had booked 20 weddings in the first month. I was shooting 15 shoots a week in my studio. It was the best January that we’d ever seen, and we were on track to being the biggest Kylee […]

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Let’s talk about mom guilt. Bleh. It’s the worst.  I used to feel guilty when I worked too much then I felt guilty when I wasn’t working because I should have been more productive with that time. I used to feel guilty when my house was a mess then I would feel guilty when I […]

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A few weeks ago I started a challenge for myself that I shared on instagram. Baby steps to help me in getting back to work after a pandemic. I had moms texting me “What’s the challenge for tomorrow? I won’t be on in the morning.” They may seem so silly and simple, but these five things […]

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What? It’s Kylee Ann in the podcasting world, this is big news! Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast is here! When I announced I was finally starting a podcast, it sounded like no one was surprised and everyone saw it coming. But if you had a conversation with me about podcasting, I’ve always said, “No, I’d rather […]

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