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Janelle is the owner of Janelle Joy Private Editing. Along with her team, she runs a business doing private editing for photographers all over the world. She is building her own empire in the editing world! I loved chatting with Janelle because even though we didn’t know each other at all, our journeys are so […]

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Blogging is crucial for growing your business, especially to strangers and people you don’t know. The more content you have, the more places you have that content, the better you’re going to be able to reach more people and grow and just explode.  I started my business in 2011. In 2013, I started blogging three […]

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You are a business owner first. Unfortunately, you will have to deal with problem clients or unhappy customers at some point in your business. Sometimes the problem is their insecurities. Sometimes the problem is miscommunication. Sometimes the problem is just a freak accident. Regardless, there are simple ways to handle problem clients without letting it […]

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Kaelynn started her journey in the entrepreneurship world when she was 11 years old. Her parents would help her list products for sale on eBay with her brothers. That’s what it’s like being a child of an entrepreneur. When she was a bit older shifted into wedding florals with a friend. When Kaelynn was expecting […]

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My friend, Bre Miller, is an amazing mama with kids in all stages of life. With all the craziness going on, I wanted her perspective on creating routines & dealing with everything happening. “We have five kids. Our oldest is almost 11 and our youngest is two. We have a daughter that is 11, an […]

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There have been SO many emotions around the newest feature on Instagram — excitement, nervousness and pure dread to name a few. So today we’re talking all about REELS on the podcast. First of all, what is reels? Reels is VERY similar to TikTok but inside the Instagram app. You can record and edit 15 […]

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My parents are entrepreneurs so goal setting was a regular family activity in our home. I LOVED setting goals, and still do. But every year was the same. We would set goals in January, and we’re only working on a few if any at all by December. I was even doing the S M A […]

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Talesha Kim a mom boss, healer and educator passionately creating a life of presence. She educates on emotional healing, help women navigate their burdens, and enjoy crazy adventures with her family. Talesha works with women in business to be able to transform their lives by helping them to reveal their inner being free, their limiting […]

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I am so excited about this season of the Kylee Mentors Moms podcast. I have been prepping, recording and interviewing, and have incredible episodes lined up. Oh, and I am announcing the winners of the podcast giveaway TODAY over on Instagram. Over the next few months you are going to hear from women (and a […]

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I legitimately lost my mind. It was almost two years ago when I was in the middle of a family shoot and my memory completely disappeared. I finished the shoot (miraculously) and headed to the ER. It was a stress migraine that made me lose my memory for several hours. The MRI came back clear, […]

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Its hard to be present with your kids when you have so many ideas in your head My mind is going all day long. I can go one hour driving in the car with ABC kid soundtrack playing and not notice because my inner dialogue is so strong. Ideas come to me in the car, […]

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For years and years, I never said no. I hate to disappoint people. I’m pretty much a people pleaser, and hate to see people upset. “No” was not really in my vocabulary when I started business. Would you do it for this price? YES Can you get me all the pictures back in time for this? […]

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