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Book Cover Photographer | Dean Murray Reflections Series

At the beginning of January, I was hired to do a book cover series revamp for the talented local author, Dean Murray. This is my second job as a “Book Cover Photographer.” As he was rebranding his Reflections series, Dean was looking for consistency. For many months we tracked down models and props that fit his vision perfectly. When we got the models, make up artist, props and dog model together, the shoot date was set.

On the night of the shoot, we all (Dean (author) and his wife Katie, B Beautiful Artistry (Make Up Artist), Skyler (model) and his wife Kenzie, Drake (model), Cami (model), Sadie (dog) and her owner) met at Cache Valley Photo Connection. It was intimidating to say the least, but turned out to be a blast…studio lights and all. Though very different than my normal “look” of natural lights and outdoors, it was a perfect challenge and change to the norm. It’s always great to step outside of the box.

Dean’s next book “Bound” is set to release TOMORROW!! Check out the cover pick below!

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Reflections Series

The Reflections universe is actually made up of two series of books. The core Reflections books tell the main story while the Dark Reflections books present an alternate timeline that provide hints of the behind-the-scenes powers that are actually directing events in the Reflections books.

Adri wanted nothing more than to blend into the background and survive the next two years at her new school until she could go to college. She knew it was going to be a challenge in such a small school, but she didn’t anticipate the fact that her new home has a terrifying secret.

Adri is about to enter a world where all of things that normal people don’t believe in actually exist. Werewolves, vampires, shape shifters, they are all real and terrifyingly dangerous. Alec Graves and Brandon Worthingfield both seem to want to help her, but they are deadly enemies and if she gets involved with the wrong boy, she’ll never survive to see graduation.

Dark Reflections
The Coun’hij, the ruling body of North American shape shifters, is engaged in a massive war against their kin from South America. St Louis has been practically cleansed of vampires, and far from being a shattered collection of crippled submissives, the Sanctuary pack is the single largest, and arguably the most powerful, pack in existence.

Kaleb Graves and Agony are still on opposite sides of the war, but in this timeline it’s Agony that is the freedom fighter and Kaleb that is working to keep the Coun’hij’s steel-toed jackboot poised above the throat of every man, woman and child in North America.

Off in St Paul, Minnesota Adriana Paige seems to be just another typical teenager. The horrific accident that otherwise would have killed Adri’s father and sister never happened. Everything about Adri’s life should be perfect, but instead she’s once again swimming in dangerous waters. Preternatural beings are circling looking for some kind of weakness and she’s never needed a friend more than she does now. Unfortunately friends are in as short of supply in St Paul as they are in Sanctuary.

January 22, 2014

Kylee Maughan

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