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Cache Valley Family Photographer | The Adventure of the Croney Family Photo Session

When it comes to family photography, you never know what you’re going to get. For one family, the adventure began even before their photo session had started. Read on to find out how this sweet family overcame the odds to get some truly incredible photos in Blacksmith Fork Canyon. We have been Cache Valley Family Photographer for over a decade and have all sorts of crazy stories to tell.

The Croney family was looking forward to their fall outdoor photo session. They had been planning for weeks. They bought everyone the cutest outfits – neutrals and muted tones featuring pops of pinks and mustard yellow. About a week before their session, their son had won the semi-championship football game. That required him to be at a practice. We decided to move the session time and location so everything would work out for him to get back in time.

We moved the mini session night to the gorgeous, Blacksmith Fork Canyon! With the session being earlier in the afternoon, we needed something with better light.

The session was BEAUTIFUL. Their personalities shined through. These kids truly are THE CUTEST. I love getting to take their pictures every year. We finished in record time and off they went to the required football practice.

Little did they know, disaster would strike on the way back.

Stranded in Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Somehow, the car fob fell out of the car during their drive—and without it, they were stranded miles away from their destination with no way back home. As I was shooting my second mini session, I noticed Dad back in the parking lot on foot.  As I was leaving my shoot (I had three after them), I found them on the side of the road about a mile from our destination. He searched for literally hours but with no luck.

I picked up momma and the littles, and dropped them at McDonalds as the tow truck took the car. She called her dad that lives 40 minutes away (by them). He was at the high school down the road watching his grandkid’s football game. He was there within minutes to take them all the way home. Lots of little miracles.

This is just one example of how determined families can be when it comes to getting those special moments captured on camera—even when faced with unexpected obstacles! We understand that capturing timeless memories is an important part of preserving family history. We strive to make sure every single photoshoot runs as smoothly as possible; no matter what kind of adventure awaits us!

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May 24, 2023

Kylee Maughan

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