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Utah Birth Story Photographer | Cascio Natural Birth Story

Oh what a beautiful morning it was hanging out with the Cascios last Saturday. It was truly an honor watching these two work together to bring their SIXTH baby into this world with so much love and grace. Completely natural, absolutely beautiful. ❤ I love this sweet momma, and her incredible example of rockin motherhood and business. Britt is one of my best friends, and I have so much love for who she is as a mother, wife and friend. Britt’s labor started at 2:00am. By 4:30am Bryan called me and they were on their way to the hospital. We all arrived around 5:00am. With baby number 6 you can never be too early. She was at a 6/7 when they checked her in and labor was steady. Bryan was the sweetest support to Britt through the entire labor. He looked at her so sweet as he helped relieve some pressure throughout each contraction. Britt was all giggles and smiles in between her contractions in true Britt form. By 7:00 she was feeling a ton of pressure so we called the doctor in just to be sure. After all, one of her babies was delivered by a nurse. She wasn’t quite to a 10, but labor progressed and she started to push anyway. Baby Indy was born within minutes. Britt literally handled birth better naturally than most do with all the drugs. She is AMAZING. I can’t say it enough. And so is Bryan. I loved how much love you could see and feel being in the room as they welcomed in their family of eight.

Utah Birth Story Photographer | Cascio Natural Birth Story


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