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Family Photography with Horses | Bodily Family

I first met Jane when she started working on my skin! She is an amazing esthetician in Preston Idaho. She has worked miracles on my face. I was so excited to give her her dream family photos! The Bodily family hadn’t had their family photos updated for years and years! The last time they had their family pictures they took them on horses too! Family photography with horses is quite the undertaking. It is like adding 6 toddlers to your family photos haha.

Family Photography with Horses Family Photography with Horses

I loved the outfits that the Bodily’s picked out! They added layers and accessories and it looked so beautiful. The colors looked beautiful with the fall scenery and horses. They picked a gorgeous location up Cub River near Preston, Idaho. It is such a beautiful place to get family pictures and is also accessible to bring horses up. I also loved that the family is often up in this area for family activities, so it is special to them!

Family Photography with Horses

This was only my second time photographing a family with horses. I learned that it is easier to photograph the horses when they aren’t in the grassy field. They keep their heads up better on the rocky, sagebrush surface better because there aren’t yummy treats for them to eat.

This was also a fun experience for me because I got on a horse without being scared!! They were so sweet and accommodating for me, being scared of horses. I had so much fun and would consider being a cowgirl now so I can be as cool as them!

Family Photography with Horses

When we were done with the horses, we went to another pretty spot and got some pictures of them standing in front of the gorgeous mountain scenery. It looked so dreamy and perfect!

If your family loves horses, I highly recommend doing a shoot like this at some point in your life! It takes a lot of planning and execution, but it’s worth it for the beautiful outcome!

Family Photography with Horses

November 21, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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