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Gardside Family | Wellsville Pictures

Gardside Family | Wellsvile Pictures

Royce and Parker rolled up to their Wellsville Pictures in the coolest truck for electrical work and knew it would be a fun, chill group! And that thought was right. They were so fun and easygoing! The Garsides and I actually don’t live very far from each other! Something I love about this valley. but we all loved our rolling hills shots and wanted to capture some green goodness, so out to the other end of the valley we went!

Wellsville Pictures Wellsville Pictures

Teens and young adults are so fun to shoot! And I don’t even have to chase them to get them to stop and smile at me! 😂 Sometimes I’ll still break out some silly jokes to get them laughing extra. But this crew was no exception. Every single one of them took turns on hair and wardrobe detail too; making sure everyone was at their best. The kids were all so good at watching out for each other! I only have one brother, so it’s always fun to me to see sisters interacting and helping each other. 

Wellsville Pictures

Melissa and Royce are so kind and easy going! They didn’t bat an eyelash when I said “it’s time to go up this big hill!” And it was so worth it, can you see these views?! These hills are a KAS location favorite around here. It’s easy to see why! When we’re tucked in all of the hills, I look around and feel like I’m in Europe for a minute. All those green, rolling hills!

After some group shots, I grabbed each person for some headshots. Even within the same ‘pose’ for each individual, I love seeing how everyone has their own spin and it shows their own personality!

Wellsville Pictures

We ended out the evening with some more group shots, and they are my FAVORITE! The colors, the smiles, i love it all. The Garside’s were so fun! Thank you for a great evening and taking time to make family memories! These Wellsville pictures were so much fun.


August 27, 2021

Mandi Christensen

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