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KAP by Rachel | Green Canyon Bridals | Egbert

Meeting lots of different types of couples, you start to see things that maybe a normal non-photographer person wouldn’t. Like how a couple moves, cuddles, and treats each other. And how they do all of this in front of a stranger with a camera! Let’s just say Carli and Lyden are professional cuddlers. So cute, spunky and fun, and we were all almost instantly at ease with each other. I mean, look at them, they are gorgeous. They were champions at braving December in Cache Valley and they were rewarded with a pure and yummy sunset. It was cold though, and I’m so glad Carli wore boots under her dress, I’m glad we could incorporate that warm THICK blanket, a wedding gift from their grandma.

I could tell that they know each other SO SO well, and found out that the first part of their story was long distance. They met via mutual friends and he joined that friend on a road trip to Rexburg to meet her for the first time while his friend was visiting his girlfriend. The friend he originally rode with actually got married the day before our session and then Carli and Lyden are right behind them December 30th! They will be sealed in the Ogden Temple and I’m so happy for them! Love getting to tag team with Kylee, I was in town for the bridals, and she is in town for the wedding day!

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Logan Wedding Photographer | Green Canoyon Bridals by Rachel | KAP by Rachel

rachelheadshotanother photographer available to serve you

Now brides who love the quality, service and unique style of Kylee Ann Photography, but have a limited budget can still receive many of the benefits that come from the Kylee Ann brand.

Rachel is our brand new associate photographer. Not only is her photography similar to Kylee Ann’s, but she’s been apart of our business for the last year. She’s been mentored by Kylee, attended several workshops and is completely comfortable with the ins and outs of the entire experience we offer here. All work will be edited and completed through Kylee.

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December 30, 2015

Kylee Maughan

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