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How To Pick Outfits For Family Pictures

One of the hardest parts about pictures is How To Pick Outfits For Family Pictures. You want something that you look good in, but you also want to feel good. You want to dress up, but you don’t want to go too out of your comfort zone. How do even begin to coordinate all the outfit colors?!

Today I’m bring you 4 tips for Coordinating Family Outfits:

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Tip 1: Start With The Location:

This might seem counter intuitive. Why would you think about the location when picking out outfits? A lot of times the backdrop and outfits can compete with each other. For instance, most of the time I tell people to go with subtile colors, but this is because a lot of the locations I choose are bold locations. A bright red dress is going to look 10xs better in a neutral location, like an urban setting, than it is on top of a mountain. If you pick the location it will give you a starting point for your outfits, and it’s easier to nail down a location.

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Tip 2: Pick A Color Scheme

This is a really important step. When picking your color scheme you want to consider the location like I discussed before. Does your location have wild flowers? A big mountain landscape in the background? Are you shooting in tall tan grass, or a big green field? If you have a bold location, then I would choose a more subtle color pallet. If you’re shooting on a white wall, then I would choose more bold colors.

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How To Pick Outfits For Family Pictures | Pin for Later!

view the Barnett’s family picture by Kylee Ann here

Tip 3: Pick Moms Outfit Before Everyone Else

A lot of moms hate picking their outfit, because it’s the hardest. They pick something darling for their kids, and then can’t find anything to match. My advice is choose your location, color scheme, and then spend a night out shopping for your outfit. Choose something you are comfortable in, but also flatters your body. A dress is always a safe choice. If you pick a pattern for yourself then chances are that you can find something for your kids in their closet, instead of buying all new outfits.

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Tip 4: Don’t Force Your Family To Wear Something They Hate

Outfits 100% affect the way you feel about yourself. It’s not worth having your kids or husband act up during family pictures because they hate what they are in. Just like you want to look good and feel confident, so does your family. Of course, you still need a cohesive set of colors. I like to suggest having two choices for each kid and letting them pick between those two choice that you have decided go together.

view the Rawlings family pictures by Hiliary here

How To Pick Outfits For Family Pictures | Pin for Later!

May 17, 2019

Kylee Ann Team

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