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How to Shoot Bright Products | Golden Dot Lane

How to Shoot Bright Products

A long time ago bright colored products scared me! The vivid colors came through so garish on my edits and it was so hard to figure out. Through some trial and error and a lot of fun experimenting, I feel like I can open any package now and just be EXCITED! Because bright colors are wonderful! Don’t be afraid! Here are some tips and tricks for getting great, true color product colors with brights!

One: lighting

While I’m a super big fan of harsh lighting, with bright colors it tends to make them kind of crazy looking. Keep your product in soft, even light. You can always do some fun experimental shots in full sun too and learn how to get great harsh light shots! Because they can totally happen. But to start out, stick with even light. One thing at a time!

Two: White Balance!

Your white balance is KEY with these gorgeous, vivid hues! Be sure you’re as close to true white as possible. In my studio I like to start at 5500K and see where I need to adjust from there. It’s time to adventure off of auto white balance if you’re still there!

Three: the color wheel!

You can go one of two ways with color, and both are great! Just know your brand and what will fit their style best. First option is to grab complimentary colors that help the bright color stand out! Yellow T-shirt? A light purple background would be beautiful! Got an orange headband? Pop some blue in the babies outfit!

Your second option is to keep accessories neutral! This is a great way to make the product stand out even more. I love doing this with Golden Dot Lane! They pick the prettiest bold prints and colors. When it’s surrounded by neutrals, these headbands (and lets be honest, adorable models) are the stars of the show!

How to Shoot Bright Products How to Shoot Bright Products How to Shoot Bright Products

May 26, 2021

Mandi Christensen

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