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Infuze Water Bottles | Know your Target Audience

If you haven’t tried Infuze water bottles, you are missing out. Like other popular water bottles, they keep your drink cold and come in a variety of colors BUT they have a magic thing that no other brand has….a flavor tank! Water in the bottle, flavor in the tank. The water comes through the straw and combines with your flavor at whatever level you choose!

Infuze has three different categories – lifestyle, adventure and fitness. We have Infuze on a subscription so we can rotate through each category each month to fill their content bank with plenty to choose from for all occasions.

A few tips you can learn from Infuze…

Know your target audience (or target audiences)

Because we know we are reaching to multiple target audiences – moms, fitness, travelers – we know that not one setting is going to fit all their markets. We can plan ahead for certain holidays and plan our shoots and models around what’s coming up. For example, we would want to push the fitness photos in their marketing at the beginning of the year. We planned this mom/lifestyle shoot for before Easter and Mother’s Day. And adventure is great around spring break and summer!

Style your shoot to fit your target audience

Infuze carries hundreds of different colors and options. Red, blue, green, orange, etc. With Easter and spring around the corner AND shooting moms, we know we wanted to choose the more soft, feminine colors in the shoot. Even the they carry hundreds of options, each option isn’t the best fit for every audience. Know your audience and style your shoot towards their preferences.

Bring in other products to help show your product in many uses

What do moms always have with them? Their diaper bag! The perfect prop for moms!

Infuze Water Bottles | Know your Target Audience Infuze Water Bottles | Know your Target Audience Infuze Water Bottles | Know your Target Audience

April 1, 2021

Kylee Maughan

I’m a mom building a business and community from the comfiest spot on my bed. What started as girl with a camera turned into a dream business. With God and my husband by my side, I have grown this one woman amateur show into the best team. I have five incredible women by my side serving hundreds of brides, families and brands each year. I also get to help other women (mainly moms) create thriving businesses from home and grow a community of kind creatives.

Kylee Ann Mentors moms on all things business. Join us weekly for short bite sized episodes with takeaways that empower you in your role as a business owner and mother! 


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