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Nephew Charlie’s Birth Story | Logan Utah Birth Photographer

Oh my heart. Yesterday was a beautiful, perfect day. I woke up at 6:00, looked at my phone and saw texts from my sister keeping me up to date on the entire night. Labor started at 1. Contractions got consistently painful by 3. They left for the hospital at 5. AHH! Freaking out, I jumped out of bed and called her to see what things were looking like. She started labor at a 4+ and contractions were still coming on their own. (This never happened for me or my mom) Epidural came at 6:30, then she finally got a nap. Her water broke at 9:45 and she was at a 10 by 10:45. After she got to a ten, they made her “rest and descend” for an hour so baby Charlie could start descending without an extra hour of pushing. I got to the hospital at the end of her rest.

Finally, at about 12:00 they came in to start her pushing. She started throwing up again (4th time), which made her epidural cord break. It took a little bit to get the epidural back together, and then they were actually ready to start. It was around 12:15 when they began pushing, and 12:40 when they called the doctor and stopped pushing until he got there. She had to wear oxygen throughout pushing, but everything was great and both PJ and Lauren were super chill about it all (now that she had the epidural ;)). At 12:52 Charlie J Pace was born just 12 hours after starting labor. He was 7lbs15oz and 20.5 inches long.

It was the sweetest moment watching my twin sister become a mom, which is everything she’s dreamed of and tried for for soooo long. Charlie was our little miracle boy to make all her dreams come true. Seeing her husband so sweet and tender by her side made my heart so happy. Charlie is SOO cute with his Falter nose and PJ chin, but believe it or not — he got even CUTER when I went up to see him later in the day. I am obsessed with being Auntie Ky to this new sweet baby.KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2421 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2422 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2423 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2425 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2424 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2426 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2427 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2428 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2429 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2430 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2432 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2431 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2435 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2437 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2433 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2436 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2434 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2442 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2439 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2444 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2443 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2445KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2441KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2446 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2449KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2447 KYLEE ANN PHOTOGRAPHY_2448

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