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Melissa and Dru | The Most Memorable and Unexpected Day in History

Basically every single thing they planned on their rainy wedding day went completely wrong, but through it all they were laughing, smiling and making everyone that showed up feel like a million bucks.

Their work matches your style, you know you can trust them, you feel relaxed and at ease with them, all these things will make for an easier day and also better and more natural photos. Many photographers will offer packages with bits mentioned before,like Simon Donnelly wedding wedding photographer Birmingham UK , including an engagement shoot is becoming more and more popular, if they match your style, you love their work and you ‘click’ with them then this is great, however don’t just pick a photographer purely based on value and what is included.

First of all, the wedding was supposed to be outdoors, but the weather had different plans. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just a light sprinkle. It poured. Torrential downpour. The definition of a rainy wedding day. Melissa decided we were going to do family pictures and the ceremony outside still. We crossed our fingers and said lots of prayers. Though the rest of the day was total downpour, there was just a light sprinkle during these moments.

Melissa was handling the moved wedding and reception into the cultural hall so well. She was REALLY about her people. She loved every single person that came to her wedding and made them feel it. I felt it.

She was determined to prove everyone wrong and walk down the aisle RIGHT at 5:30 PM. 5:25 PM rolled around and the Bishop was missing in action. She called and called, but there was no answer. Of course her first words were “I hope he’s okay.” One of their groomsmen had recently done the online certification and was able to marry them. It was hilarious and so memorable as he stumbled through the ceremony with just MINUTES to prepare. Everyone was smiling ear to ear. And making the most of the situation.

The Bishop showed up about 45 minutes later after being released from the hospital. What an amazing man to show up even after being clearly sick and unwell. The fluid was still draining from his body into a bag he carried on his shoulder as he apologized profusely to Melissa and Dru. They weren’t sure that the ceremony was legit so we snuck into the Relief Society room for a second ceremony. Birthday calendar and all. It was amazing. Highlight of my whole day. It was just so funny, and such an amazing story.

I love when things go array and the couple laughs through it. It makes for the BEST memories.

The way they handled disappointment and changed plans on their wedding day speaks volumes to who they are as humans and how they’ll conquer everything together as couples.




November 13, 2019

Kylee Maughan

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