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Mini Session in Logan Canyon with the Facers

Its been months since we took these pictures, and I am still absolutely dead over how they turned out. Can you believe that all these pictures and more can be shot in just 20 minutes time? These kids are SO good! Look at this gorgeous Mini Session in Logan Canyon below!!

At Kylee Ann Studios, we understand the importance of capturing heartwarming family moments in a way that’s efficient, enjoyable, and visually stunning. Our mini family sessions are thoughtfully designed to provide families with a seamless and delightful photography experience. Here’s a glimpse of what’s included in a mini family session at our studio:

1. Basic Family Poses

Our mini family sessions kick off with three different but basic family poses, allowing us to capture the essence of togetherness and love within the family unit. These foundational poses serve as the cornerstone for creating timeless and cherished portraits.

2. Focused Duration

We value your time, which is why our mini sessions are geared towards efficiency without compromising on the quality of the photographs. Typically lasting around 20-30 minutes, these sessions are carefully structured to capture all the essential and must-have family photos without overwhelming the participants.

3. Custom Location

Each mini family session takes place in a custom location, meticulously selected to provide a unique and personalized backdrop that enhances the visual appeal of the photographs. Whether it’s an outdoor setting or a specially curated indoor space, the location is chosen to complement the family dynamic and add depth to the images.

4. Gallery of Edited Images

Following the mini session, families can expect to receive a gallery of at least 40 edited images. These high-resolution digital files are meticulously curated to showcase the best moments captured during the session, providing families with a diverse selection of beautifully documented memories.

5. Flexibility with Photos

We believe in providing families with the flexibility to use their photos as they please. With a print release accompanying the edited images, participants have the freedom to incorporate the photographs into their living spaces, create personalized gifts, or share them with loved ones as desired.

In conclusion, our mini family sessions at Kylee Ann Studios embody efficiency, quality, and a dedication to preserving the essence of family life. We take pride in offering a comprehensive and enjoyable photography experience, ensuring that families walk away with a gallery of heartwarming and visually captivating memories.

If you’re looking to capture timeless family moments in a way that’s efficient and delightful, our mini family sessions are designed to provide you with a seamless and memorable photography experience.

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May 6, 2024

Kylee Maughan

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