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Nani Swimwear Commercial Shoot

The first time I heard about Nani Swimwear, I went to their instagram and immediately followed them, for two reasons:

one: They have the cutest suits, I want all of them.

& two: Who doesn’t love to see happy beautiful people on their feed, am I right?

Now that I actually do know the people in the pictures, it makes it all better. You may not know them personally, but take my word for it, these girls are a blast.

All Bodies Are Beautiful

When I was asked to shoot the “all bodies are beautiful” campaign, I was so excited! These women came in all shapes, sizes and personalities.

As you can imagine, it was a little bit uncomfortable at first, everyone a little bit nervous, but within minutes, they had embraced their bodies and loosened up quite a bit.It takes a courageous woman to dance around the room in nothing but a swimming suit, in front of a camera.

What meant the most to me was photographing these women and all their “flaws” – weight, stretch marks, razor burn, etc. It’s what made these photos so beautiful and unique. If you’re like me, you’re super self conscious about your own flaws. We try to cover them up, or edit them out of the picture. But for once, I got to embrace the flaws.

What I Learned

What I learned from these women is that when we finally adopt the state of mind that all bodies are beautiful, despite our flaws, something inside can’t sit still. I could tell the moment everyone started feeling that because all of a sudden my models were dancing! During the shoot, my sole purpose was to get everyone moving and having a good time. By the end, I was dancing too…

…but since I was the only one in clothes, I was sweating.

I hope to see these ladies at the splash pad this summer in their matching suits. Heck, maybe I’ll get one for myself and join in on the fun. #girlsclub

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June 5, 2018

Kylee Maughan

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