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Noyes family at Antelope Island

Best outfit colors for family pictures at Antelope Island

Let’s talk about what to wear for your family photos at Antelope Island! No matter what type of session you are planning at here, you can use these tips for planning your outfits!  Antelope Island is near Syracuse, Utah and it is a great destination for family photography if you can avoid the bugs! Be sure to keep up to date on the bug situation before planning your family session here.

I started working for Kylee Ann Studios in October 2022. One of my first sessions was at Antelope Island! I have never taken pictures there so I was super excited. In October, the bugs were SOO bad and somehow the photos still turned out gorgeous. I was so excited to go back to Antelope island for mini sessions this year. I want to make Antelope Island an annual tradition for my clients! We went in early April to shoot mini sessions so we didn’t have to deal with as many bugs!!

The cute Noyes family has 3 boys and a little girl! They were wearing beautiful outfits that go great with the scenery at on the island. Here are some tips for what to wear to your family pictures at Antelope Island!

Antelope Island

Antelope Island

Neutrals and earthy colors work great at Antelope island

Neutral outfits work well with the scenery at antelope island because it is earthy and you fit in with the scenery. Denim and light blues photograph really well! The mom and dad at this session were wearing contrasting neutrals and the outfits looked really beautiful together.

Bri was wearing a flowy dress which is perfect for this type of beachy look. She accessorized her outfit which tied it all together! The light blue looked really great with her red hair!

Antelope Island

Pastel outfits look really pretty at Antelope island

Pastel outfits are light colored and still add a creamy pop of color. Every time a family wears pastel colors to their session, it looks SO pretty! You can’t go wrong with using pastel colors for your family sessions in general. Pastels tie in stunningly with the setting sun and light blue sky. Whites, light blues, light pinks and creams are all pretty colors to wear for your family session with a beachy look.

Antelope Island

Choosing clothing styles for your family session

Adding a bit of texture to your outfits is always a great plan when getting family pictures taken to give your outfits some more visual interest and dimension. Flowy dresses give off that beachy, relaxed vibe. Dresses also are really flattering for family photos! Little boys look so cute in a pair of pastel or cream colored shorts with a light colored polo or button up.

A pastel or white dress and accessories are so cute for little ladies! You can keep it simple and it will turn out darling!

I hope these tips are helpful for planning your family photos here!! Get on our email list so that you can catch our mini sessions at Antelope Island next year!

June 17, 2022

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