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Three Ways to Use your Brand Photos

Having pictures of your products is very important! Once you have hundreds of photos of your product, what do you do with those photos!? I am going to tell you three ways to use your brand photos!

Three Ways to Use your Brand Photos

On your Website and product listings

Your website might be the main place you use your brand photos! We recommend 4-8 images on your product listing! The more accurate photos of your product, the better! Our clients love consistency in their product listings so we often take pictures of new product releases in the same settings as the last launch to provide consistency in their business and brand photography.

Use your brand photography to update all of the photos across your website and social media platform with updated headshot and artistic pictures of your products that are visually interesting. This consistency across all of your platforms will really make your brand stand out and show off how professional you are!

Three Ways to Use your Brand Photos

Social Media Posts, Reels and Advertisements

Our clients use their brand photography to create a consistent look across their social media! It is so fun to scroll the social media of our brands and see how well all of the photos work together. Each client has a very different instagram feed, but all of their photos are consistent to their own brand!

Not only can you post your pictures to your social media account, you can use the photos for paid advertisements, and infographics using the images. Your options are endless with creating infographics, memes and content for your social media.

Reels is a free new(ish) marketing tool. Don’t be afraid to use it! Sync up your brand pictures with audio and show off your amazing products. Add in educational, information and entertaining information to your reels to reach many people in your target audience!

Three Ways to Use your Brand Photos

Marketing Printables

Using your brand photography in your marketing printables is another way to level up your business. Updating your business cards, brochures and information sheets with your brand photography can help your target audience connect to your brand. We love seeing the little thank you notes our clients add into their product packaging with their brand photos on them! This is a great option for using your brand photography!


Investing in brand photography can feel overwhelming. It truly pays off when your brand becomes more consistent and trustworthy and when you are making more sales because of your accurate product photos!

Reach out to us if you are ready to up-level your brand photography.

June 20, 2022

Nicole Erickson

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