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Our Easter Weekend

Wow, we had the best Easter weekend!!

Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 02

1. My family was in town for their spring break.
2. Easter is such a beautiful holiday + so fun for the kids.
3. #LDSconf is seriously my favorite weekend. I love curling up on the couch with my notebook and snacks + listening to inspired counsel.

Thursday morning I met my bestie, Whitney, and her kids at Baby Animal Days. It always makes me feel so nostalgic remembering the good ol’ days running around that farm. My family arrived on Thursday and we spent the rest of the evening in their hotel’s pool. On Friday, we started the morning at the jump zone then a big picnic in the park. That was so much fun with all our aunts uncles and cousins.

Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 04 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 05 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 06 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 07 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 08Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 010 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 09

That night Bruce (Luke’s dad) planned the cutest little Easter egg hunt for his grandkids that ended with massive easter baskets. It was very cold, BUT super fun. Brody hasn’t put his eggs down since. (Not kidding). He thinks it’s the funnest thing in the world opening his eggs. When we’re driving in the car, he looks for the Easter bunny.


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On Saturday morning, we got up, ready and drove to Salt Lake City. Our (kinda) little sister, Melissa, took the kids and we met my entire family at the Conference Center for the afternoon session of #ldsconf. Luke and I hadn’t been back since I was 16 and he was 19. It was so amazing being in the same room as the Prophet and apostles + so many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We sped back to Logan after the session so Luke could make it to Priesthood with his dad. The girls attempted a girl’s night that failed epically with sad kiddos.

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[iphone pictures]

On Sunday, we got up and found the Easter baskets that the Easter bunny left for us. Brody was stoked. Then, we got ready and headed up to Grace, Idaho for Easter / General Conference. We had a blast hanging with family in Grace, listening to conference, eating A LOT and another awesome easter egg hunt. Brody obsessed over his basket the rest of the day until I conveniently left it behind. We got the BEST family picture after the easter egg hunt. That made me super happy. The rest of the week my family was in town was kinda a blur. We ate a lot, saw lots of houses, watched a few movies and hung out.

Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 011 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 012 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 013 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 014Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 016 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 015 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 017Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 023ACache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 01 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 018 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 019 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 020 Cache Valley Photographer #kyleeannphotography 021

April 9, 2015

Kylee Maughan

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